Why the company refuses to refund USD 20000 dollars for me

To whom it may concern:

Warm greetings.

I am writing to report an case for this game. My son, of which is only 6 years and 10 months old purchased USD 20000 dollars of The Jurassic World Game without my consent as well as without informing me.

I requested to refund these purchases and reported to the Apple. But your company return down my requests.

As a company with great reputation and commitment to the social responsibilities, I believe Ludia can follow this case and make the appropriate decision.

20000USD dollars is a great fortune to me as well as to my family. I don’t know why Ludia refuses to refund for two times, knowing the true reasons stated as “ The purchaser is only a boy no more than 7 years old without his parents’ consent to make those purchase. He is a minor and his purchase is not binding. Please refund his purchase.”

We are deeply disappointed. And we hope Ludia can solve these for us.

We reported the case in your support center and Sam, the staff suggested us to report the problems in the Apple report center. We already tried and appealed but failed in this case. Apple told us to contact the developer to refund directly.

And we are wondering why Ludia neither did not reply our messages nor refund the amount.


I know your story, I wish you good luck, but dont think on one think - as a parrent is also your responsibility, take action against these things so that they do not happen, when you let your child to play with a phone.


That is a bummer, there are two outcomes both are legally correct, Ludia can do nothing is my guess as I am sure buried in the terms and conditions is something about how all sales are final, and it is the responsibility of the account holder to put certain safeguards in place to ensure no purchases are done without consent. The other side is understanding what something like this might do to a family in terms of their financial standing and future and making an exception to their rules in favor of refunding the purchase and closing the account down permanently so as no benefit can be had from the purchases.

In any scenario a parent should take responsibility for their children and those children’s actions, hopefully this is a lesson to not have an account for a child tied to a fund source that would allow these kind of purchases, better yet play with them and monitor their play so this never happens.


You could dispute the charges with your credit card company


Welcome to the Forum. Truly, it’s sad to hear this happened to you. From a formal point of view, a member from your family made these purchases; hence that’s probably what they will look at instead of age of said member or why they did it. Anyway as @Sionsith said the purchases were all made voluntarily so I’m not sure Ludia would be willing to oblige. If they do sooner or later it’s well and good but I’m afraid the chances are slim. Hoping for the best that you recover from this loss soon. :pray:t4:


(No legal advice) I am curious how that would unfold, (for discussion purposes) usually when you dispute a charge you are claiming fraud or not receiving said item or service. Does the credit card company charge the child with stolen identity and fraud or the parent for reporting a false claim that fraud has happened.

I honestly don’t know and I am curious what the argument from a card holders perspective would be to the credit card company for them (the credit card company) to seek damages from another party to pay for the bill.

Made me curious enough to google: https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/whos-responsible-kids-unauthorized-charges-1279/

still fuzzy after reading it but it sounds like on one hand you might have to report your kid to the cops for “stealing” your card and on the other hand you could just dispute the charges but when they ask what happend they might not help with out said police report. Gamer beware (looking at you parents :wink: that includes my self)


Welcome to the forum! First, I want to say I can’t imagine what this amount of money could do to someone financially especially in the current situation going on. I truly hope that you can get your money back. With that said you are the parent so I think you have some responsibility for your child’s actions. I am no lawyer but I do know that any purchase that was not authorized by the cardholder you are protect by the federal law. Since you did not authorize this purchase this is a case where the federal law protects you. Also if you did not add your child as part of people authorized you could dispute the charges with the credit card company. If you want to dispute the charge with your credit card company you might not be able to get all your money back. I know of instances where the company can refund a few thousand but with $20 thousand dollars the credit card company might not do much. If you do contact the credit card company you would try and delay the charge so the company has time to investigate. I don’t know how well this option would work in your situation as for such a large amount and I also am no lawyer so I don’t know all the laws. As @Sionsith was talking about I do know once where the police where called for a child’s unauthorized purchases of a few thousand dollars. But this kid was around 15 so he should be well aware of the consequences. To try and answer your question the police didn’t take him away more of a “make the kid feel like an idiot” type situation. And with a child this young the police would most likely not take him away from his home. I do want to mention I am giving advice from past experiences with myself and friends so of course I can’t relate directly to your situation. Lastly, you could try and contact the FTC about this and file a complaint. I know the FTC might not look at all the complaints filed and they might not help everyone, but I don’t see what you could lose by trying to file a complaint. Worse case they don’t help I would assume. I want to reiterate that I truly hope you can get a refund on the purchases. I hope I was able to help in some way and if the information is inaccurate by today’s standards or if the information can’t apply to your exact situation I apologize.


thats why i will never introduce jurassic world the game to my kid in the future the consequences could be really bad

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Here is also a few excerpts from the Terms of Service.

From this I concluded that Ludia has all the power for refunds and I saw no part for unauthorized purchases. On the website they do say to contact them but even on the website it doesn’t say if they will give you a refund or not.


In the original post they said “Apple” what you just posted up above states that they need to contact Apple as their terms and conditions apply and not Ludia’s and further that they “Ludia” do not handle returns or refunds through Apple or Amazon, that is handled through Apple or Amazon depending on where the transaction was completed.


I do feel for you, but what I have to say is very strong, so please don’t take it personally.

This is a situation where everyone has to be punished. With this being a common issue nowadays, I don’t think Ludia has much responsibility. There are plenty of walls in place to prevent stuff like this from happening. If you sent a support email to Ludia then they will need a few days to get back to you due to their ticket load. Due to how the app stores work this might be a case bigger than even Ludia can handle.

I do want to say that I feel bad, and won’t berate you on the accountability side. This is just one of those lessons everyone has to learn to grown into better people. For your kid, it’s the financial responsibility, understanding that you can’t always get what you want, etc. Age doesn’t matter, it’s how the lesions are taught when they come up. Some of my earliest memories are of mistakes I made, which of course come from a place of innocence, but are lessons I walked away with. This is how children and people grow. Eventually they will learn and so the teachings are always what’s most important, not how long you can drag out innocence or redirecting blame.

I do hope you have the best possible outcome.


Also it would be too easy since ludia can not take what you bought back, so everybody can use that to get free purchase

Thank goodness my bank would never allow this purchase in the first place. This sounds awful. Ever since my 3 year old bought $50 worth of coins on a game years ago, all of their accounts have 2 step authentication.
Little booger was thrilled he didn’t have to wait for new lives to spawn for about 3 weeks.


This is truly upsetting but at the end of the day there are now precautions set in place to stop this from happening, fingerprint recognition on purchases, passcodes before making purchases.

I dont want this to come across as rude but if you were to go out one day and leave your door unlocked, you came back later that day to find all your valuables missing then who would you blame?

Dont get me wrong I hope that they refund you, because that amount of money lost could cause considerable damage to you and your family so :crossed_fingers: for you.

But if ludia refunded money everytime they receive a message like yours, well, people would just abuse this to get free purchases, yeah as bae says hacking is easier but it doesnt mean to say people wont go down this route for freebies and thats what ludias worried about.


Such a bummer but your kid must have some lineup :joy::joy: is he in Apex Predators? All kidding aside, I hope it works out well for you. They definitely should refund since they are a multi billion dollar company.

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Well i feel for you and your family. Ludia made unauthorized and overcharged me on several occasions using my debit card that Apple had for my account. I made a support ticket with Apple and they “said they investigated” but would never tell me how or what they did to investigate. Of course, Apple refused to give me my money back even though it was not a purchase made by me. And i have no kids, no wife, so no one touches my ipad. Ludia and Apple will not refund it bcus they both made money. Sad but true. Ludia is a sad company.

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Try and find a consumer group or champion e.g. in a newspaper to help you. Bad publicity costs them money, plus it looks more genuine if you have support. Our newspaper had a case like this, Apple gave in to them and refunded.

Or try a lawyer, for this much money.

It is wrong that it can be this easy to spend money on a game, $50 yes but systems should be in place to prevent a $20,000 spend. What adult spends that on a game?


I was hooked on a game before this and was spending thousands (not at one time, but over the period I played it). Not 20 thousand, but it all added up. I had to quit before I got any worse. This game is much more convenient with the VIP monthly fee. I buy packs here and there, but nowhere near what I spent on that other game. If my wife ever found out I hate to think what she would do to me :grimacing:


There is. They were not set up in place and thus a 6 y/o was able to spend $20000. I’ve played since launch and I’ve probably dropped between $5000 to $10000 and yet despite no kids I still have these systems in place to prevent unauthorized purchases.

This is why it’s not Ludia’s fault at all. As much as I have reasons to rip the company for, this is not one of them. This solely comes down to the parent.

Thus Ludia doesn’t have to do much, if anything at all (assuming they have the power to). It’s solely down to if they want to help OP out or not.


Yes, I have fingerprint authorization (or email password) required for purchases on my phone. The old phone we let me son use technically has purchasing capability as well, but it requires him to type in the password for that email account and he doesn’t know it.