Why the dodge nerf is Excessive

Okay, the more I think about it, the least sense it makes.

Alright, I get it, people who are bad at the game complain about how dodgers are overpowered while having only one or no counter on their team. It’s almost like you have 8 slots on a team and there are at least 5 dinosaurs that are viable to counter dodgers (the dinosaurs in question depends on which dodger we are talking about).

But even then, many people have no specific dodge-counters and they are doing just fine. Showing the mechanic itself isn’t a problem (unlike Dracoce-Rat-OP-s, who is almost 100% pick rate and/or forces you to have 2-3 counters).

Okay, now that we are getting that out of the way.

In 1.8, dodge will be the ONLY mechanism that actively punishes you 50% of the times.

How is it fair that 50% of the times, nothing will happen and you still get 33% damage taken if you are successful.

If Ludia wants to have damage reduction as dodge, so be it, but it should be guaranteed then (so probably less than 66.7%).

Why dodge will be the only mechanic that can be useless, while everything else has added benefits?

Also, let’s put this out of the way: Evasive Strike, Prowl and Cloak might be fine with the current change, since they indeed do give you additional benefits (damage, crit chance or damage multiplier).

The problem is Sidestep and Evasive Stance.

It’s overkill. Those two skills do literally nothing but make that you CAN avoid direct damage.

So, if they fail, you don’t have anything. And now, it will be literally failing or having a minor benefit. It’s not making “RNG less inconsistent”, @Ludia_Developers. It’s straight-up punishing one spell class, just because people dislike it.

By that logic, if Stunning Strikes fail (25%) they shouldn’t do any damage as well. Why is that, when you are using a stunning mechanism, you are guaranteed to get something out of it (damage) or the stun is guaranteed (immobilize and acute stun) or tied to an action you do execute (SIA-stun). These all have benefits, even failing. So, I would say, Cloak, Prowl and Evasive Strike will be fine, since they give you something, even if you fail the dodge itself.

However, it’s not “consistent” having literally nothing if failing and still getting punished if succeeding for Evasive Stance and Sidestep. The punishment is guaranteed (you take damage anyway) but the reward is not (having less damage taken). How is that okay and consistent for the dodger???

If you want consistency, then make it like, with successful dodge, you take the less damage (66.7%) for Evasive Stance, Swap-in Dodge and Sidestep. If they hit you, give the lesser reduction (33.3%). This way, people still wouldn’t be able to “Cheese” a win with 200 hp, but it would eliminate this nonsense about dodgers being PUNISHED for using a skill. Which is inexcusable. No other skill does that.


Another stupid thing.
If you use Indo and it dodges 3 times, it will actually be left with 0.1 health. Great isn’t jt

It won’t. 66.7% damage will be negated and it depends on the opponent damage, not your health.

So if you are 1 health and get smacked by 900 damage, that is 300 damsge. You die.


as not a big fan of evasion abilities.
I admit you are completly true.
Sidestep is now a clear garbage and won’t be seen.divided the damage received by 33% to earn a +10 speed?no thanks.
About evasive stance?50%chance to reduce my damage and waste my turn?roflnothanks.
I agree with your idea of:on a win on evasive stance:-reduce damage by 66%
on a loss:-reduce damage by 33%
or else:put the damage on a miss at 85% reduction:the opponent won’t do it all the day but he will get a non abusive loss.
Oh raven,by the way i disagree about prowl with you.
Why would you waste a turn,to get 50% chance to get at best 33% damage AND in the same time getting your 50%crit doing ONLY a misery of 1.25dmg?This skill have been killed worst even than evasive stance.


I forgot about the Crit nerf regarding Prowl. :frowning:

Every update there is something which makes existing not so broken thing completely broken and to make player base angry and to annoy them


It seems that providing a plethora of Nullification creatures and abilities in the previous updates did not entice players to field these creatures in their strike team in order to use such tools against dodgers.

I’ll just leave this here.

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Again… Why dodgers should be punished for people being noobs?


I’m glad I didn’t continue to level up my indo or indom, and with the rarity of erlik I stopped at level 22 on erlid.

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This whole nerfing thing has become the biggest problem of this game. I much rather they would buff older creatures and give us more ways to gain dna for the new ones, which they are doing with sanctuaries and I’m very excited for that. Dodge nerf is the most unnecessary thing so far and I don’t support crit nerf either, both are taking too many creatures out of the game.

Making the game more boring after every update isn’t really doing any good. Once you have collected everything there is nothing to do in this game. If they would add new dinos that would be useful there would be more things to do by trying to make them be part of your team and using new tactics. Now they have introduced new creatures that are counters for dodgers and other things that aren’t really even a problem and at the same time they made dodgers completely useless. So again no point trying to get the new ones in your team, just collect them and wait for the next update and see what they ruin next and add counters for that same thing.

I have never played a game before where they are doing this, neither have I ever seen players been happy about it. I have seen cases where something has been nerfed, but they have been given something new or extra to balance it and made sure that people would still use it.

Most players are not in the top of the list, they are casual players, that’s the majority. Me and all my friends all casual players, we don’t care about being or even making it to the top, we play because we want to have fun. If they are trying to only please top players by giving and doing everything they want it’s not looking good for them. Casual players don’t always want to use the best dinos or even know which ones are the best and the fact that they are making everything else unusable is something to be worried about. At the end everybody will have the same team and whoever hits buttons first will win the battle, there is no skill or fun in that, why anyone would want this is something I can’t understand.

Sorry for the long post.


You nailed it on the head. :100::heart_eyes:

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It would maybe do some good to have cooldowns for dinos. You can’t have the same dinos in your 8 for more than 5 battles or something. It forces one to switch up their team. People focus so much on tyrant dinos that there other dinos get left behind. If that makes any sense.

People focus so much on broken dinos because well… They are broken. I refuse to use metahub’s term.

They really need to bring those slightly down and buffing everything else that is struggling. The amount of viable dinos is way too low for how many we have.

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Reduce RNG yet they do nothing to mitigate the RNG involved in stuns. Frustrating.


You forgot to mention that the dodge nerf, not only render dodging creature useless, but also render nullify and precise creature useless (no need for them anymore, though, I have to admit that since dodge was not a problem, there was not much need for them before either). So, what do we have left? Chompers and Stunt. (tanks will rise up very slowly as those who invested in chompers will keep them in their team for a long time and it does take a while to bring a dino to team level). Now, what’s next? Likely nerfing stunt because there’s too much RNG involved?


i think the main concern will be chompers.
AND in the same time,what do you have to counter chopers since dodge have no more use?
I think we will see plenty of distraction everywhere
In the same time,bleeders will do a comeback because of the nerf of the 2 “immune tyrants”
And to finish draco won’t be use to counter tanks and tryko but to one shoot magna and will be surely kept when a high lvl thor,utarinex,dilo and erli (i don’t think he will dissappear)

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Then the community will call for a nerf on distraction and a nerf on bleeders and the see saw continues. The game is a lost cause at this point. Fix what isn’t broken and break the stuff that does work should be Ludia’s new campaign slogan.


Yes and no. You can still use nullify to take down the cloak or evasion and deal full damage but that was the point of countering yet no one bothered to use it or Ludia made the ingredients for hose dinos almost impossible to farm. Example being monolophosaurus, it’s rarity is up there with erlik.

well i don’t really care about dodger becausei don’t use them but…
Surely they will have a comeback in another patch.
1.9 or 2.0,we will see.
Actually ludia is probably waiting us to develop the new ways to counter dodge before to say “Dodging nerf wasn’t a good idea,the stats showed us it has been to strong so it come back blablabla…”
Because you have too much indoraptor end game user,its a way for them to force people to use enw toys i guess

I don’t think this new mechanics is going to do anything. People will still use the same 8 as the top players and Ludia will be like well that didn’t work out like we thought. Here’s cloak back and then the noobs will be back on the wagon looking for them to nerf it again. I’m sure a lot of people are overjoyed that they removed DSR from the rat, but now it’s just a big pain for those with no shield or armor.