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Why the game NEEDS to be fixed

The state of the game is ridiculous, I use to think that when people complained and threatened to cancel their subscription, like when stat boosts were first introduced, I thought it was childish but now I understand exactly why. All the stat boosts being sold on the store almost EVERYDAY and of course the tournament with it’s bugs and exploits then onto people getting to keep their winnings despite cheating is atrocious. To fan the fire the Developers apparently thought that by saying it’s their fault and that they will let it slide is too much for me, I have contacted the Developers to ask for a refund and I’ll make sure to inform anyone if it works or if they deny me for something they caused. To restate, I love this game but the state of it right now is just too much for me with all these super boosted dinos and cheaters running rampant.


Both are good reasons to get purchases back. The dev’s broke the game is 1 reason and they allow and reward cheaters contrary to what they advertise, hence, the game is not as advertised.


That’s exactly why I’m trying to get a refund. I’ll say those exact reasons and hopefully they’ll agree with me.