Why the heck is dracoceratops a legendary instead of rare?!

When you fuse commons with other commons your normally get rares but dracoceratops is a legendary.
I love showing my stupidity to the internet

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Just cause


Oh ok sure

when 2 level 5 commons are fused you get rare but when 2 level 15 commons are fused you get legendary


Moreover, when two level 15 anything are fused, you get a legendary.


Why isn’t compsocaulus a legendary?

i’m pretty much a idiot cause for posting this lol

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2 lvl 5 = Rare (starting at 6)
2 lvl 10 = Epic (starting at 11)
2 lvl 15 = Legendary (starting at 16)
2 lvl 20 = Unique (starting at 21)


Because it’s comprised of two lvl 20’s

So? It doesn’t really matter of the rarity of the creature to make a hybrid

then why is monolametrodon a legendary then

Yeah it does not the indoraptor used a common in making it so it does not matter the procertosaur was used to make a unique compie gen 1 was used to make compsicalus diplocalus gen 2 was also used to make compsicalus the new scutophycion used amphycion and scutosaurus so it doesn’t matter what rarity is used to make a hybrid

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It really does not matter the rarity of the creature as long as 2 creatures make a hybrid then we are good

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I know. I was just trying to make a point

That’s not the point

Dracoceratops shouldn’t be a Legendary, is what I’ll get behind. Following with Grinchrat being an Epic.

I’m an idiot for making this post, woohoo!

i wouldnt say youre an idiot because this is a common confusion

its a lengendary because it was fused from 2 level 15s.