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Why the heck would I ever buy one?


Won another epic scent from today’s tower.

I’ll spare you the rant. I got pyroraptor, brachiosaurus, and baryonyx. Really? I waited to use it on purpose to get to an area where I have previously found ankylosaurus (the only one I’ve seen around here) and sinoceratops. I even went by the place where I found a grypo once.

Like the title says, why the heck would I ever buy one with results like that?


Sounds like you was in ouranos local. But yeah it seems to favour bary and nothing if value. The idea is to buy lots. I wrekon thats what top 50 do


Better question why are you in the wrong local expecting Anky?

If you found those two around there it’s likely has car repair and other local spawns that did it. Sino and Anky and Pyro aren’t in the same local at all.


I’ve actually had really good luck with epic scents. I usually do them in zone 1 for some Sino and I get at least 2 when I do. I also did one in zone 3 and got 3 erlik’s and a mono. :woman_shrugging:


Same. I like zone 1 because I get byproduct Kentro not to mention the odd needed common and rare. It’s a great area. Most others have at best one dino I need

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I have found one ankylo here since I moved to town, and I have found sino in the same place.

Actually, I just checked the metahub spawn mechanics and nothing really matches up to what I have been finding for the last couple months… considering it’s two updates old, how reliable can it be anymore. For instance, I find dracorex like crazy in local one, right next to gorgosaurus and tenontosaurus, which I find in the same place.


You have the wrong info. That zone is right, dracorex, tenon and gorgo aswell as pryo and ourano. Check this update.


Ah, ok. Yes that makes sense and I think the anky I found was pre 1.5… Still, it was a pretty lame scent! haha…

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Yeah anky is with raja and spino but also at car repairs for the nest.

Scents eirher favour or they dont its random but thsy include global spawns too which ruins it imo


(No dig intended)

Have you searched out the commons mentioned above for areas? I know what you mean, some of my best hunting areas have certain spawn points that deceive me a bit at times too. Finding those fine lines are how you make those scents shine

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What you found was a nest. But it’s not the right local. As mentioned by others check the most updated spawn information at merahub. Their info is accurate.

On the rant side, I wouldn’t ever buy epic scents either. My personal experience says they are not worth the price. I managed to get two sino out of three consecutive scents once. Everything else was rubbish. Definitely a waste of hard cash.

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anky will spawn at nest locations even if its in the wrong zone. happened to me before. he spawned at a carwash in a L3. so i thought maybe it was a small L4. started a scent and got only L3 dinos. Erlik, spino etc…

there is L4 right next to this L3 though so maybe a little crossover


Got me this time…