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Why the Lania outrage?


After reading 1.14 patchnotes and the coments in it i did ask myself:" why is everybody thinking that Mammolania is dead or weak now?"

How often does a Lania get 2 full rotations on FS and DR anyway?
Lania still 2 shots nearly everything.
Never seen a lania get her second definite rampage anyway.

Im sure this thing will still keep his high tyrant place. Her kit is still nuts and her stats alone make up for a lot of mistakes players do.


This is exactly why Lania and Therium are now finishers now. They should now be used at the end of the battle, how hard can that be?


At first I thought Lania was dead, but now after looking further into it, I think it should be fine. It’s not horrifically broken anymore, and it actually takes a bit more strategy to use.

The issue is that they also nerfed Mammo (who isn’t even that geat), Brontolasmus, Onyx, and the other rhinos as a side effect; none of which deserved it.


Maybe because only 1% of the player base has actually used it


It’s not really that it’s dead now, that isn’t true. But the change to the move nerfed other non OP or even already weak creatures with It. Not only that, It was way better to remove the main reason for mammolania being OP, immunity to distraction. They keep avoiding dealing with the obvious problem in the immune meta by coming up with those alternative solutions that do nothing to solve the real issue. This definite rampage change does nothing to help the relevancy of previously good but now forgotten dinos. Some creatures have too many immunities and that keeps hurting variety in the meta. That won’t change unless they tackle the real issue with exaggerated immunities. I don’t have an issue with immunity itself and don’t want It gone, just the exaggeration that has been going on with it.

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Poor Spinonyx…


I’m mad because it’s super hard to unlock and then they have the nerve to nerf it. They keep nerfing this with exclusive dna because they dont know any better. That’s what happens when you dont play your own game


But the nerf aside mamolania is still gonna be great

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Spinobary is ded now :frowning:

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I thought that chompers will counter Lania in 1.14.
Nah, she still kicks them with double PFS…

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