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Why the new Raid Boss start at different time?

I think it was very unfair that 2 Raid Bosses from the same day appears on the map at different time!!!

Ludia, why don’t you manage 2 Raid bosses like last week (Pyrritator and Mortem Rex, T-Rex and Smilonemys) that 2 bosses of the day can be found on the map at the same time.

But yesterday, the Sinoceratops boss and Grypolyth boss was appear different time that make a hugh advantages and disadvantages to the players in different time area.

Sinoceratops appear here around 7a.m. (I’m not sure but it was around 5-7 a.m.) and stay for 24hrs.

Grypolyth appeat here at 9 p.m. but it disappears at the same time as Sinoceratops si this means it stay on the map for only 8-10 hours. Since it appears too late many players stay home already at that time and some of them can’t see any boss around so those players gonna missed the chance to play this raid boss. And if they are lucky to find the boss nearby, they gonna have 2-3 hrs for playing before they have to sleep, right?

So i think it would be fair if 2 bosses of the same day appear on the map at the same time !!!

Things like this are why I say just give people the Incubators this week with a good amount to make it fair so everyone who attempted or couldn’t attempt can just get it. Usually when something interferes with the usual flow of gaming or you have glitches like the 0 health thing, usually in games they just give you whatever you could’ve gotten and maybe something else as a bonus sorry. My only comment here is compensation. Usually for fairness they just reward everyone to be fair so even if someone wasn’t impacted it’s easier to just reward all.

Because of when grypo showed up I’m willing to bet it was just an error on Ludia part and they never set him to spawn before they left the office on Friday. When they came in Monday morning they realized what they had done and set him to spawn.

At the very least they should give something to offset it. I’m not sure they will though they have ran plenty events exclusive to one area geographically. Montreal event, blue event for Canadians when the raptors were in the playoffs, universal events. If there ok with those events being unfair I don’t know they go out of their way to make this right.

It really baffles me how a Game company can justify taking the weekend off. Why not just have 2 people come in on Sunday make sure everything for the next week is Ready and working and give them Friday off.

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Lucky you, grypolyth appear at 3am here, and disappear before 7am, I mean, if it was a joke, it was really bad…

I really hope they’re not gonna do this for the hadros. It would be so unfair…

Well lux is on a Tuesday in the west… so Ludia should set it to spawn Monday so it should spawn for the west During normal raid spawn times. Unless they forget before they leave the office.

If Ludia had someone working the weekend they could have addressed grypo when it was clear there was an issue.

Game brings in like 2 mil a month… Ludia works 9-5… 5 days a week.

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