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Why the suchotator's attack to the indoraptor gen 2 is so low?

Does the indoraptor gen 2 have any hidden magic shields to defend against suchotator attack? What happens to make suchotator’s fatal wound ALWAYS so weak? Has the calculator failed to calculate the correct damage? Why are we who have evolved the Suchotator less important than those who have evolved the Indorraptor gene 2?

Ummm well

  1. The bleed is calculated by doing this. Creatures max hp x .34%= amount of damage per tick. If the creature is immune to bleed or just fully immune it will not take effect, bleed can also be cleansed by cleansing moves like regeneration, dig-in, cleansing strike/impact, mutual fury, sidestep, it can also be cleansed by swapping into a different creature

  2. If indo has dodge on thru evasive stance then it will only take 33% of the total damage you throw at it ( note: it only has a 75% chance to do this for three turn if it fails it will take full damage it can be bypassed or nullified with definite, precise, and nullification moves)

  3. If it use cautious strike then it will both distract and dodge the total a,punt of damage decreasing its from 100% to around 18-10% damage

Indo is a legendary super hybrid

Suchotator is a common easy to make rare hybrid

Hope this helps

I have not explained well…
The hit of the Suchotator must be reduced by a maximum of 66% and the reality is that it is much less. Also, it’s always the same damage: 182.
My Suchotator has an attack of 1301, therefore the calculation is wrong

If you hit it with lethal wound then yes that is the wrong calculation


1301 - 50%= 650 - 66% = 221

Might be the computer rounding since it usually does that

Yeah the game rounds a bit oddly when taking into account both dodge and distract.
The damage should come out to approx 16.66666% when both distracted and dodged, but instead it usually comes out to 14% in the game.

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If you use null impact then indo would take only 50% (975.75)

If you use superiority strike then it only takes 33% of that damage (442)

And ya like @Dragonclaw927 said it’s sometimes wonky

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Don’t worry indo gen 2 wont be as good as it is now soon anyhow’s… (hopefully) and if it is then something else will come along and counter it.