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Why the unnecessary tournament restrictions?

Context: I have a team of exactly four creatures. I can use this team just fine in the arena, but I’m not allowed to enter tournaments with it because you need eight creatures to enter a tournament. I don’t think this restriction existed in the past, why was it added and do Ludia have any plans to remove it?

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They made this rule a long time ago. Dubbed the Batman rule by many.
Because you will always get the same 4 creatures, the strategy is always the same. One guy did just that and placed either number one or really high in one of the OG tournaments. Luida decided that no one was allowed to do that anymore.


I figured it had something to do with Batman. Seems unnecessary to me, considering how much you need to invest into all of this for what are often useless rewards on that account (most DNA is useless on a 4 dino account and you’re not going to run low on coins very often).

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In theory, someone could just select the 4 absolute nest creatures and then draw time every time.
That would be considered an.unfaor advantage.

But could you really? You’d have to make a new account every tournament, and you wouldn’t be able to transfer rewards from those accounts to your main.

That doesn’t make any sense since all you need are 4 creatures for a match. Plus, during the tournament, they only seem to select the same 4 creatures out of 8 that I have in my line up. Would be nice if we could pick the line ups ourselves when the power levels are equal (set at 26) across the board.

It’s technically unfair in tournaments as you will always draw the same team, an advantage that is a lot more powerful in tourneys than arena

I got 1st place, entered a few and placed high rank. it wasn’t an issue untill I got first place and everyone freaked out.


never said it was wrong. it’s a viable way to play the game.
everyone else freaking out was what cause ludia to implement the rule.
wish i would’ve been active around that time to see it unfold.


Legend! :rofl:


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