Why the update was not released for Android?

this surprised me Ludia, I did not think that this update would do something like this


Six hours ago they swore they released it on both platforms. Clearly Android haven’t got it.

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I don’t even have the game anymore

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yes ;( we all wait and no info

but why the delay?

it was for the Ludia team to be aware and to solve the problem immediately

Wondered why I still can’t play yet my girlfriend, with her iPhone, can.

this is unfair who has iPhone can and who has Android wait another “3 months” to play

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I said before and I’ve got the email they are in the process of sending it to android… This was 5 hours ago…

This was after they swore they sent it then backtracked…

I wouldn’t mind too much but the complete failure to get the update out on android means there is zero chance of me getting the daily challenges finished today and it’ll be the first time I’ve not done so since T-Rex came in as the reward. Annoying to miss out on 100 epic DNA through no fault of my own.


I’ve been waiting for nine hours so far. This is ridiculous. Ludia needs to compensate the players who are unable to play. My patience is wearing thin.

my patience has run out!

This is probably a feature of 1.7 … no more Android users. they simply forgot to put it into the patch notes :slight_smile:


Not to mention alliances missing out on contributions from half its members…


My alliance almost hit rank 4 exploration before the update. Will need the rest of the week at this rate to finish. Hope I get all my mission rewards from last week. I saved them on 3 accounts until we hit rank 4…Maybe should have cashed them in prior to outage if people aren’t getting their daily’s…

Have been down all day. Theres no way I’m going to make my daily now.


Don’t worry android users the update will come and you to can bask in the terrible darting and crashing that iOS users are facing. :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:

How about some answers Ludia. Not a good way to retain a fan base.