Why there aren't new events about Baryonyx, Rexy o Blue?


I loaded the game more one month ago, I have already 51 dinosaurs of 110 moreless and I’ve got complete the Echo ADN, Charlie (86/100), Rexy (76/150), Baryonyx (55/150), Stigy (40/150), Blue (ONLY 14!!! of 150​:scream::scream::scream:) and there aren’t any events for getting more Epic ADN and each level is more complicated passed it with the same dinosaurs. I hope that the events will come back because in the last two weeks haven’t there been at least around my zone in Spain :sweat::sweat::sweat:


There is events live mate. Utahraptpr is part of event right now. Later sinoceratops


Hello! I’m sure that creatures like Blue will be part of another event in the future.

However, creatures like T-Rex, Echo, and Charlie can be found in the wild. So while the events are helpful for collecting a lot of DNA in a short amount of time, they’re not a substitute for searching for dinosaurs while strolling through a park, walking around the block, etc. Even if you can only get 50~ DNA from every T-Rex encounter, every bit of DNA helps.

Also, with the dinosaur migration going on (see https://forum.ludia.com/t/news-jurassic-world-alive-creature-migration/10079 for details), you might need to search new areas to find the dinosaurs that had originally been spawning in your area.

Best of luck, and happy hunting!


I just hope they don’t leave it too long before they give us another shot at those dinosaurs.


I probably think they will make events for all the dinos, so for T-rex and Blue that were already part of an event, maybe it will take some time to have another event. There was no event so far for Baryonyx if I remember well, so hopefully there will be in an event soon.

And, like @Katja said, they are all spawining in the wild, so program a hunting session in an area not so near of your habitual zone and search them. :wink:


Baryonyx was “Dinosaur of the Day” twice already … Week 3 and Week 5, if I remember (same for T-Rex … twice too) …


I remembered Trex as well, the new event with other epic in the same time. :+1:
You are right about Baryonyx but I just don’t have long-term memory on this… I don’t even know if I catch her XD


Looks like u dont have vip, with vip u can get more dna then u need to create it, plus if they do yet another one rexy blue ect ect it will make the game so unbalanced only for one persons enjoyment. It will take a while before blue comes again and the rest u want