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Why there is no event with Carbo yet?

I keep waiting and waiting to see Carbo and Nasuto (I might have spelled wrongly but I am sure you got what I mean) as event dinos.

Why Ludia just Ludia us with their awesome mentality? Really seems like they are thinking hiding Carbo and not fixing park-scent-spawns will make players excited? IMO they are getting frustrated and losing interest in game (like me).

@Ned @Jorge @Ludia_developers can you please reply to this and forward message to the management who just decides event dinos out of nowhere (or from their … ) Thanks

Hey NiceGuy, thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to let our team know.

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I agree introduce new Dino but don’t disperse them to be achievable…
Why ??

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I totally agree, but just fyi, Nasuto is a sanctuary exclusive. Have an alliance member put it in a sanctuary and feed it a couple times if you want to unlock it.

Just a cenozoic event maybe, to collect the valuable future hybrid dna


Yup, but my question is when Ludia?

Really. It just got introduced into the game. Irritator has been around forever and is very rarely in an event. I guess we should have a chance at darting Smilonemys as well. If getting fed up with the game is the fact a brand new creature is not in event within a few weeks. Please leave.

It looks like the boss tower on Friday this week is Carbo, so that’s at least something. Even if only high-level players can get it.

Nasu is in an incubator atm so clearly there not gonna tell you when they plan on having its events in hope some will break down and buy to unlock.

Carbo im kinda torn on… creating and leveling carbo right now has a feeling of accomplishment that will go away the second its featured in an event. So while a leveling boost would be nice he is my pride and joy right now.

Carbo is PROBABLY the next daily mission reward

Fridays epic tower boss is Gorgosuchus.