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Why they took out the 350 darts for 100 coins offer?

Please dont make it dissapear ludia

Why are they going away, covid is still there so it should stay

Were the giga scents good tho?
I mean …

  • because of lockdown unless you are in New Zealand and australia you were stuck in same zone - so same creatures
  • now that most kids are back at school and adults are back at work - they dont have 3 hours to use the gigs scent
  • I dont know about anyone else but I really only used giga scents just to get the daily creature dna - so i didnt really need to buy many darts
    I have like 124000 darts as well … just wasted
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you’re probably overthinking it, you can get darts easily from stops anyway and can replenish your darts with like 4-7 stops. glad they’re keeping the giga scents though that thing is my holy grail

I mean, I got nearly 100,000 darts from buying the pack for coin, so I ain’t worried :rofl:

That’ll last you a while :hugs::joy:

Lol I guess everyone here buy the darts to complete the achievement for goat emote like I do… :joy:


Ludia u should think of the condition worldwide. There is the 2nd wave of COVID going on where I live!

Because then people will start spending hard cash on darts, giga scents and interacts.

Yeah I agree because in some countries they have the worst scenario of covid

To this day, I still don’t understand why someone think we are forced to use the whole 3 hours on a scent. I absolutely love them. 3 times a day, I could start one, and because they are free, even if I played only 20 minutes, I was happy, sometime even less! But hey, rainy day? Winter storm? Even watching a movie while keeping an eye on my phone for the odd Epic glow. I don’t think that many players ever use the 3h now that the novelty is long over, but being able to pop one when you have lots of free time is great, and not being mad if something come up and you cannot play anymore is great.

zone change once a month

Still, just for that reason, good enough! Some of those daily are awesome.


I think that the darts for 100 coins should stay. It doesn’t hurt anything. It helps the players stay active and for those who are still locked down or limited access it really does help them. Sure you can spend hard cash on darts but that’s a waste IMO. You can also spin drops but for those stuck at home using a gigs scent and waiting 15 minutes for x amount of drops to refresh isn’t good especially when you may get 3 darts. It also helps for using your extra scents you may have from the themed events and towers.


I agree the darts should stay if the giga scents stay or at least increase the max from 140 to enough to support the duration of the scent.

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I want it too stay during covid

What’s the point of reducing scent limit to 2 instead of 3 ? I like saving scents for later but having to keep using them cause of scent limits and giga scent having a 3 limit made a bit better to stock up on them. This change is stupid and and ludia needs to know it

yep i agree

Bring back the darts!

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