Why they use this annoying swap strike?


As I remember, there’s nothing like this on the very first period of the game (correct me if I’m wrong).
But after updates time after time this swapping thing came. Like it should be our turn, and I don’t see why they need to swap to the opponent’s side instead, really hate it. What do you guys think?


Are you talking about the Thagomizer move which was in the game since the beginning and always a core part of Stegods moveset?


I’m not sure if it’s here at the first place or not. I don’t recognize it. :thinking:


Erm, if you are talking about the Thagomizer, that reduces the speed of the faster Dino so that the faster one can go first so…

And it’s been there since the beginning.


Hahahahhaha whaaaat? HOW CAN YOU HAVE A INDORAPTOR and dont know about that skill that reduce the opponents speed?


Many people even at higher levels don’t understand the simplest things about the game.

Someone was quite adamant to prove to me than a stun is the same as a 100% slow. He was an admin of some jwa group too. Feel sorry for that community xD


I can’t help but laugh, even a Stegosaurus has Thagomizer, how can someone reach Indoraptor and not know about Thagomizer! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe the person is playing on behalf of someone else (or someone else’s account). Hence, not familiar with the movesets.


Maybe because previously there’s no arrow to tell that our turns swap to the opponent’s turn. Sorry, I really have no Idea. Anyway, any suggestions to use it against Thagomizer?


Umm maybe use the cleansing impact attack it will remove the thag slowness


Well it doesn’t swap to the opponents turn, it’s right there in the description, the Thagomizer decreases the opponents speed therefore making the other dino go first.

If you want to nullify it you really need a dino with a cleanse attack, and pretty much predict when someone is going to use thagomizer or any type of slow down attack.

It’s nothing to do with swapping, it’s just slow down.


I think the guy is talking about the graphics on screen how the arrow shows this player (Dino) now has priority. I’m sure someone dedicated enough to get Indoraptor knows what Thagmizer is.


Yep and happy birthday


If someone dedicated enough to get Indoraptor can’t figure out what happens now is the same as what happened before, just that there are arrows added, well i’m not sure how they managed to get so far in the game.