Why this daily maximum of gold coins?


It’s an idiotic idea. It prevents me from playing at the speed I want. Now I have over 10 pieces of dinsaurie that I can live up to but get no golden coins when I visit and spin at Supply Stop


Because Ludia. Shop. $$$


It Does it matter to me it still sucks.:slightly_frowning_face::thinking::money_mouth_face:


Ludia has always been extremely greedy.
It been that way since their first Jurassic Park game.


Spoofers and cheaters will take advantage of it if they don’t have a limit. Think about it.


I hit the coin limit yesterday for the first time and realised the only reason to implement one is to force me to spend money so I just stopped playing for the day and came home.

Eventually I’ll reach the point where i need hundreds of thousands of coins to evolve high level dinos and it’ll take me several days of hitting the limit to get enough for one Dino…


Reached the coin limit a few times in my Mall.
I bought 2 one time offers.

But i see now i need 4 Days of wait time just to upgrade Raptor now.


I’m VIP Level 7 so couldn’t get more than 6,600 yesterday.

By the way, the coin limits are listed here:


Like I said before, the game is gonna force players to stop playing after time. Not because they don’t like the game, but because the game is unplayable if you don’t pay.


Welcome to Ludia.
Their greed is more legendary than their most powerful dinosaurs.


To me it is very strange that it would rather have a small number of players who pay a lot of money to play than to have a huge number of players who want to pay a little less.


It’s the whales that tend to keep these skinnerware games going rather than casual low-spenders.


Had it been half the price for VIP, I would
not have hesitated to become a VIP player.


It’s still dumb, if they put normal prices, they would have so many more VIP players that spread the word about the game, making it even more popular.


You can always smash out arenas for extra coins!


Once people start leveling up and the actual ‘grind’ gets real; it will be hard to convince players to stay unless if you pay your way out. Current focus of the game is too much on ‘pay to progress’ vs ‘playing the actual on the go game’ it is supposed to be. Then again; this does not work. They simply higher player levels / dino levels to ‘increase your play value’ while it is just you spending way more time doing the same thing with the same content all over again. It is a vicious circle and paying will never make you truly win in the end. Just you spending more money doing the same thing.

The event feature is the biggest pro the game has to offer since it rotates your dinosaurs. Who cares about catching anything you can already level 2x, 3x or even more. Level 20 dinosaurs require 400K gold to level up ONCE (your battle team). Level 12, with VIP needs at least 1.5 month. Level 20; 20 days - 1 month. The end-game ‘on the go’ content currently; grind gold even if the cap was removed, wouldn’t change a thing. Now you’re only doing arena, waiting for event rotations to fill the gaps of DNA you need and get some gold from supply drops.

Arena is fun and all but isn’t this supposed to be an ‘on the go’ game? Why would you limit the 'on the go experience so much? Even the event catch cap becomes ridiculous if you think about it. Rotate all dinosaurs for a week in the park, remove the catch limit and let players catch different dinosaurs all day long without a gold cap. Now you have an on the go game. Most of the time i spend more time going to the actual park and waiting for more commons to spawn vs play the game. Rare or epic is almost not worth going there; it literally takes you what… 5-10 minutes max to catch 3 of 'em? I need 30 minutes to 1h to go there and go back home. Not talking about bad weather conditions.

It is not just the gold limit… Its the entire game we currently have. PoGo is an ‘on the go’ game; JWA is a battle arena game with an ‘on the go’ feature being highly promoted as pay to progress. Thats the difference.