Why this game is about done for me

Errors/Glitches: Currently the Maps don’t work, at least with Android. We are just stuck in one location, or it jumps. But thats just the latest of unplayable errors.

Arenas: Ludia throws a bunch of new creatures out there, but no boost reset. So those of us who don’t believe in playing their money making mind games (mostly cuz we’ve been burned in the past by these methods) sit here getting relentlessly beaten. Which is why dropping arenas now a days is sadly the way to go. Why waste hours a day for almost nothing?

Flocks: I hate them. I absolutely hate them. A piegeon defeating multiple massive predators, ooook i digress. Within my group I play with, we all cant stand flocks AND/OR the lack of group attacking moves to beat them. This helped ruin tournaments and arenas for lots of people.

Spawn creatures: seriously, we need new stuff out there on the maps. I know, we’re getting a few coming up. But what’s it been, well over a year since we had a shakeup of spawns. Getting very stale.

I’ve been waiting for a reason to leave and spend my time on more useful things. This next update might just be what I need to get me out haha

RNG is what seriously makes this game unbearable for me. Almost every aspect of the game is RNG, and I’m getting to the point of just being done with it all.


I live in a park zone so I 100% agree with the spawn needing to change. It’s just ridiculous that it never changes.

My map is not working unless I open google maps and run a destination in the background either. The game has been very unstable since Android 12 was launched on my Samsung s21, and the same for my wife on her s21.

It totally sucks that I have 3 almost fully boosted dinos on the bench now while their replacements have but a few boosts and perform better than those that are benched. But I won’t give up half those boosts, no way.

I don’t know a single player that actually likes the flocks and like you I detest their very existence.

But I’m not gonna give up yet, I’ve played since launch and I’ve yet to find anything that comes close to this for the fun I can have. Albeit as much because of my alliance friends and discord but that’s ok.


Same here. I hate flocks, I hate continental spawns and I hate short range spawns. Raids are boring but useful for alliance missions. Arena and tournaments have become a snore fest thanks to testacornibus and flocks. I loved phorusaura (high risk high reward) and hate phorurex (no risk high reward). Hate compsocaulus that is not a super hybrid, hate para lux that is not an hybrid creature but that can’t be placed in a sanctuary. Really staying because of the alliance and starting to get creatures to level 30 faster than before, so now trying to get all apex and unique to level 30 as a goal.


Maps fine on my a52s. Although it stutters during loading. Zone changes more regularly would be nice, can get dull darting the same dinos. Every 2wks would be nice, or even every week. More access to continental based dinos somehow would be nice too.

Zone changes more regularly @G_81?

Try living in a park zone where they never change :neutral_face:


I agree with a lot of the points mentioned in the post. I gave up on Arena and I don’t intend on battling until my team improves or for a score to get the DNA in the PvP seasonal. Flocks are pretty annoying, but usually I’m fine with them. Bugs are less of an issue for me now, but sudden crashes, annoying lag bits, and other occasional glitches are quite annoying. Spawn creatures are fine for me really. Don’t really care what spawns unless it’s good.

Definitely. I can’t stand RNG. Earlier this Friday, me and some buddies were fighting the Refrenantem boss. The boss didn’t crit at all for the majority of the raid, and my team was just about to die, but it didn’t really matter, as we were just about to win anyway. UNFORTUNATELY, the 10% CHANCE of Refrenantem landing the crit worked, and Tuo died, forcing us to restart. We tried again and succeeded though, but the boss crit AGAIN on that very same turn. Thankfully, we had a stronger Tuo, barely allowing us to scrape by and win. This isn’t the only case of RNG ruining things. Raids can sometimes be screwed up by the occasional crit or wrong move by minion, battles can be lost just because they crit, or I didn’t. RNG shouldn’t be decided whether things go bad or good, of whether I win or lose. The vast majority of these situations shouldn’t happen, just because RNG screwed something up. However, I still love this game. My inner dino geek loves these creatures and can’t get enough of them. Going for my favorite dinos, not doing PvP, going casual and not P2W, being optimistic,
and not chasing after a constantly running meta have all made this game much more enjoyable. Still though, it always makes me sad whenever I see threads like these. These can be so easily avoided if Ludia made wiser decisions, but alas, they fail to do so, and continue to do so.


A third of my zone is a reservoir, so completely blank down my whole right hand side, it’s also surrounded by parkland. I also have a park on the direct opposite side, so probably 20% park. Hence why I’d like the remaining 50% of my 200m circle to change more!!

Parks are one of the lesser talked about aspects of this game, but I stand by what I said when they first introduced park exclusives - the parks are awful.

If you don’t live near one, you miss out. If you live in one, you miss out. I’ve hated them since they first introduced the concept of park exclusives.


Without RNG the game would be a million times worse. Am always amazed by people complaining that a battle is often won by one person getting a crit. That’s a good thing! The alternative would be very boring battles in which the outcome would be almost certain provided people were competent players. The RNG adds some variety

I’m thinking of making a similar post, but for now let me share this thought with you and see how you feel about it? It's time for boosts 3.0 , is a possible overhaul of how boosts work, which would help a great deal with some of the off-putting aspects of the game. To your other points, I’d actually consider that perhaps the grievance people have with flocks is more to do with endless battles where the opponent is constantly healing and less with the absorb ability. For spawns, I agree that rotations should occur a bit more often. For RNG…this kind of game needs it in order to work since crits create upsets and make you more inclined to play, in the same way pokemon has status chances and crits. Not to say I love it either when I lose to a crit through dodge, but on paper it’s those upsets that make the rock paper scissors dynamic a bit softer.

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Despite the game’s massive flaws, I probably won’t be quitting any time soon. I tend to favor games more for their concept and purpose. A good example of this is my favorite game, ARK: Survival Evolved. Despite its many flaws, I love the idea, mechanics, and creatures. Jurassic World Alive fits all of these categories for me. The mechanics are great, the battle system is simple, but very interesting, and many of the creatures are very appealing. However, this game has HUGE flaws that ruin its potential as an amazing game. These are what I feel are the two main reasons for this:

No Boost Resets: This one’s a no brainer, literally everyone talks about it. The meta for this game is always changing, with some creatures getting better, and some getting worse. However, we have no idea as to what Ludia will add before it’s too late, so we often boost a creature we want to use only for it to get nerfed. This would easily be fixed by giving a boost reset every update. Problem with that, I’ve only seen one boost reset since I was in Badlands. Throughout all that time from Badlands to Aviary (which was probably a year or two), the most recent boost reset we had is the only one I’ve ever seen. Because of lack of a boost reset, people’s teams are performing worse when it’s not even their fault.

The meta: This is by FAR the worst part about the game. Powercreep hit many creatures hard, and this first started when apexes were released. It’s only gotten worse from there. Flocks get added later on (and we all know how that went), and now we’re getting apex hybrids. Powercreep is fine if Ludia responds to it by buffing other creatures. Did they do that? No, they didn’t. For example, Argenteryx is the dominant force in epic tournaments, and flocks are meant to be countered by group attacks. However, these group attackers are complete garbage, and even get wiped out by Argenteryx itself. Amargacephalus, Nodopatosaurus, and Kentrosaurus just to name a few creatures that should be defeating Argenteryx instead of being useless. The meta only revolves around a very small amount of creatures compared to the 280 currently in the game, yet Ludia has done nothing to fix this.


The week prior to updates, I slow down my playing for a week of rest. So this last week, the only thing I am really keeping up at are the apex raids. I pretty much have everything up to where I want them and have Testa leveled to 25. The plan is to start working on the other half of the new apex but I expect it to be a long process.

I haven’t done any PvP or tournaments this entire month. I’m just not into it. The underlying reason is the long battles because of the flocks. Just no desire for that. I may try out the new Bumpy hybrid. It looks as though I have enough Bumpy and Stygi to get it to team level. We are past of the point of too many creatures.

I will have only 2 focusus. Apex raids to open all the apex creatures and working toward the new fusible apex. With Nusato coming out, I figure I will run into it and can focus on the two rares for the other half.

If you try to get into all the aspects of this game, you can burn yourself out and I do get burnt and pull back from playing so hard.


Dodo is the best flock

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