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Why this Matchmaking?

Im bored of this annoyance allready
After how many years would i(a player with barelly lv21 base, no boosts or 2-3 boosts in its team) stop being matched with an enemy with full lv 30 max boosted team?
Just today,7 fights.
Enemy lv 28 to 30
Boosted to the point were my 132 speed phorusaura was slower then the trex of the enemy.
Or having hp based creatures do more dmg then my trykosaur(counting the counter dmg)
I had no chance to win a single fight for more then a week…
Cuz one single enemy creature soloed my entire 4 creature.

In whos damaged head, does this matchmaking sound any good?
Why dontvu just put a lv 4 player vs the top five then…


Well you get matched based on trophies.

Today is reset day… which means everyone gets pushed down some.