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Why this tournament is NOT what we need


Here’s why

I haven’t been evolving any dino for two weeks waiting for next update. Cause every time you shuffle up and down every single dino and I don’t want to waste tons of DNA and coins for a dino you’re going to ruin in two weeks.

This game is becoming that type of game where the best option is not doing anything. I can level-up my utarinex a couple times but who knows if it still remains playable after 1.6.

And instead of at least letting us know what the next update will be, you run this useless tournament. So this gonna be another two weeks of better-not-doing-anything.

I guess the next logical step will be uninstalling this game. So you’re gonna lose another player that could donate to you, but you’ve done everything to disappoint your playerbase.


That’s a lot of Sino. If you quit, can I get that?


I agree with you completely, I just want to point out in the second to last sentence (not sure how to quote here), I think you mean “uninstalling” rather than “installing.”

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Yep, thank you! That was autocorrection :slight_smile:


Im in the same boat @Tenterro xD


While being in a slightly different boat…

I totally agree @Tenterro, leveling up dinos after a certain point is such a gamble…


But then it gets adjusted in the next update or the one after that … live in the here and now and lower your blood pressure and expectations … or predict and win but don’t whine if you lose … news flash … Ludia aren’t perfect … but hey, neither is life


Atleast if you wait until after the update your safe for close to two months… thats alot more value then say 3 weeks.

Of course if your in need of erlick and the chance to get a decent chunk it may be worth giving up the coins and dna for now. Golden chickens can be rare.

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I blame Colonel Saunders …


But the most annoying thing is that Ludia doesn’t listen and care anyway.
They will nerf good dinos, make another common OP to grind more money, add even more bugs without fixing old ones and still ignore people here. That’s the most annoying


they aren’t trying to be. they know what they are doing. it’s intentional. dangle these new OP dinos in front of you that everyone spends coins leveling, hopefully not money on incubators, but :man_shrugging: knowing full well they are going to nerf it into the ground in the next update, i.e. dracorex gen 2. its literally happened every update :joy:


I believe they are ‘gross miscalculations’

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But isn’t that also the point? We know they are going to do it …

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me

And a translation for those that don’t understand (and I’m not aiming that at you CB): After being tricked once, one should learn from one’s mistakes and avoid being tricked in the same way again.

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this would imply you have not unlocked or leveled up a dino since the first update :thinking:

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I can understand frustration not levelling dinos if you dont have much dna and coins and you fear nerf. But dinos that get nerfed will eventually get buffed again.

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So, I should level up Draco G2 and not his hybrid?


No, no guys, do what I plan to do… Dinosaurs only get nerfed when new versions come out, so once 1.6 comes out I’m not going to level anything at all until 1.7 comes out. That way I’ll know what got nerfed and it’ll be game on!! :thinking::grinning:


I don’t like nerf’s but I can see drago gen 2 and utarinex getting nerfed. I a pretty sure this utarinex has stunned me 100 percent of the time I face it.

In comparison my Thor has instant charge with 75 percent stun. This stun lasts for about 2 seconds and my opponent always gets to go next. I find the stuns very annoying. Trago will stun, then rampage, dino is till stunned, have no idea why, and opponent gets to go a third time in a row. I find this almost more annoying then a lot of the bugs. Why is my guy staying stunned when oppoenent is not even using a stun move.


Dang it, didnt we just finish a stupid tourney?? They still havent given us an opt out button…am tired of losing trophys all the time

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Generally this is because the other creature is faster. Round 2 starts and your opponent should go first; you use instant charge and they are stunned so miss their turn. Round 3 starts, they are faster so go first. Trago is 124, Thor only 109 speed.