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Why Thor is better than Allosino?


On comparison at lvl 21, both have similar damage, Allo has much higher health and 15% armour.
Apart from 2x damage, All skills same.
Thor has one speed better, but don’t really make a difference i think…
20% crit and 40% is a gamble…
So why is Thor better?


109 speed… that alone is worth it. But thor 40% crit should read will either crit on every attack or none.

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109 means faster than Tryko. That’s all.


You have said it. Thor is faster. Not to mention, on average, Thoradolosaurus will be able to land 2 to 4 hits. One WILL crit with such a high percentage if 3 hits are possible (in my experience).

Allosinosaurus have worse skills (armor piercing instead of shattering, impact instead of rampage). But it is more beefy with more health and armor.

That is what being balanced is. Thor has higher damage output and is faster, Allosinosaurus is tankier. That is the deal. You can decide what do you want from your chomper and invest accordingly.


Agree; it’s speed vs armor. Just wanted to point out that it’s 109 VS 106 in speed, +3 to Thor

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I can’t choose so I’ve got both at level 23 in my team at the moment as it works quite well.


Thor is amazing, he and dilorach carry my team. Allosino is just too slow I think. I’ve got both Thor and Rinex but I find Thor to be more reliable. If you can get him to revenge kill something so that both his rampage and instant charge are up it’s essentially GG.


40% crit is a big difference I’d say. Many people say RNG dinos aren’t worth it. But I’d say RNG dinos is better in tournaments if you have a certain goal. Having more RNG dinos means you will have a larger trophy range. For example, if you don’t use RNG dinos, your trophy range will bounce between 5000-5100, which is very stable. If you use RNG dependent ones, you may bounce between 4900-5200, which will become a big difference in getting top 500 as once you hit a winning streak, you reached your goal and can camp for the rewards.


All uniques are having much higher health then legend, this seems to be opposite.
Allosino with 15% armour is like having 15% more, with similar base damage.
At same lvl maybe Thor would die first against one that has distraction and priority move?
like Utasino?

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Agree. I had I-rex (also Indoraptor) in my team a month ago, my trophy range was 3900-4300. After I have taken away I-rex (Indoraptor remains as the only dodging dino in my team), my trophy range becomes 4200-4400.
I took away I-rex because its dodge seldom worked and made me lose all the time. My Indoraptor also dodges not very well and so I seldom use Evasive Stance.


with thor… speed with instant charge will actually stun things like stegodeus, tryk, etc.
while allosino at 106 speed really just gets to go first and usually wont get the benefit of stunning

also 40% crit is :eye: :eye:


in jwa the most important stat is speed and the difference between allo and thor is day and night. 109 means thor outspeeds i-rex and more importantly stegod. there are some speeds that are actually important in the game. which are 107,124 and 129. for stegod tragod and monomimus spinutah erlidom and dilora and being below and above these number changes a lot. secondly thor has a dsr which is a lot and %40 crit is nothing to scalf at either. mathematical possibility shows that: consider they both have exact same equal damage of 1000 at the same level and they use impact turn 1. the average damage you exepct to see turn 1 is
1650 for allos and 1800 for thor (actually calculated) and this is not even considering thor is both faster and has slightly higher power and a rampage on turn 2. all of these considered thor is quite better. thor damages more allos lives longer. which one would you choose your hammer crushing harder or also being able to write with it in expense of its power

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Thor 22 can one shot a Dracorex G2 17 swapped in without taking any damage, but Allosino cannot.

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The frequency that thor crits isnt even a gamble… and it deals some massive damage a level 22 thor crits 4k on his rampage while also being a shield destroying move… indom needs to turns to set up that kind of a blow and is countered by shields.

But again that 109 speed is crucial… its something that once you have you understand. But i have used thor to revenge kill… then rampage crit the next thing in and one shot it.


Thor, with 109 speed, can outspeed all the other large carnivores, allowing it to beat pretty much all of them in a 1v1 fight. 40% crit is almost half the time, and double the amount of a 20% crit. 2x damage is better than 1.5x ofc, and 2x with crit is pretty OP.


I love Thor so much and have been getting good AlloSino fuses to feed it, but the Thor fuses have been a lot less lucky, I suppose.

Long story short, I’ve been thinking about leveling AlloSino to go with Thor like yours is


Based on speed, Allosino is 106, Thor 109.
If both meet against Stegodeus, stegodeus will be able to slow down Thor to move again, but not on Allosino…
in any case, Stegodeus would be able to hit twice before killed, isn’t it???


Why can thor be slowed but not allosino? Both have ic… only difference in this match up is thor will often crit on both attacks… normally atleast one… which unless there is a huge level difference…

I had a guy play a level 27 stegod against my 21 thor… crit on rampage… crit on instant charge… dead stegod. Allosino couldnt do that because a it doesnt have a rampage and b thor crits way more then you think… you how indos and mono can go crazy on dodges… thats how thor crits and when it doesnt he is still dealing tons of damage.

Heres another thing to consider… see how many people run thor at the top of the leader board. Alot of those guys have high level allos… they run thor for his damage output.

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oh, i thought only a slower dino that uses speed reduction against a faster dino will move again.
but a faster dino that uses speed reduction against a slower dino has no effect.


My opinion is that Thor is a little better than allo, although allo is better for some rivals for their health and armor. What I think is that the difference is not big enough with respect to what is supposed to be the difference between a legendary and its unique. For example, Utarinex is much better than Utasinoraptor and Diloracheirus is much better than dilorarosauro.

I think Thor needs an improvement but not too much either. I think that some more health or a little armor would be enough.