Why Thoradolosaur strike says cleanse vulnerable but he is “immune to vulnerable attack”


Because while Thor is immune to vulnerability, other creatures with Fierce abilities may be not and cleanse vulnerability actually happens in such cases


This is a great example of why each creature should have specific alterations catered to them. I’m glad you pointed this out so that the entire world can see that some things are simply… off.

Great work doing your part.

That would take too much work on Ludia’s Part

That is true, but it doesn’t explain this case away. This game has Defense-shattering moves that are the same as fierce moves but without the ability to cleanse vulnerability. So it would make sense to give Thor Defense-shattering moves instead of fierce moves, because this way there’s a redundancy.

It honestly doesn’t matter though, since there’s not even a cleanse vulnerability animation.


I guess for the same reason that Diloracheirus attacks can clear the DoT … when he is immune to DoT

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I think it’s because some creatures like Thor and Dilorach has those cleansing moves BEFORE they gained the resistance. 2.0 had a lot of development time, possibly because the devs wanted to go back and do this. It’s a redundancy, but it’s not hurting anyone

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I know that, but it’s really not a thing that I would request them to do. There are much more important problems than that.

The vulnerability cleansing is helpful in other cases. But besides that it’s functionality identical to defense shattering strike/impact, so I don’t know why they didn’t just give Thor those moves instead.

Thor has been immune to vulnerability since fierce attacks came out.

But we don’t know if Thor was changed before fierce attacks were complete, we only saw the end product, so the redundancy might have been a remnant from 2.0’s development

Still they pushed it all out at the same time, they should have at least double checked.

But changing something like that when there was so much more to focus on? I doubt that was something that needed to be as 2.0 had 2 mini updates for bug fixing, so Thor’s vul res wasn’t very important

That’s true, it just comes off as lazy to me. How are we supposed to trust them to make balanced movesets if they can’t even iron out these kinds of redundancies? It felt more like they were just picking abilities at random and slapping them onto it without thinking. Which is how you end up with stuff like the 2.3 hybrids…

Lol so true…