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Why tournaments are a joke

Besides the obvious of all the bugs and bad RNG, I just lost a battle and lost 45 trophies. ok, it happens. I won the next battle, which turned out to be against the same person - gained 25.

What the hell? How does that work? I’m so fed up with it. This is the last tournament I’ll bother with, if I even continue the game much longer.

And yes, I’m being a whiny little crybaby… because let’s face it, the game is run like :poop:


it works with the difference in trophies.
If youre higher than your opponent, you lose more and win less cause your chance of winning is higher.

This is part of the reason I don’t much care about trophies. In fact, I’ve lobbied before to get FEWER trophies per win so that we stay in our more level-appropriate brackets longer, since I figure most of us don’t level up THAT fast.

The only reason I’m still at the level I am is to maybe snag a victory-incubator, and once that’s down I’m going to force myself to Badlands (my favourite arena) and fight with all my newly-aquired and -leveled funky dinosaurs at levels 10-15, where it’s varied and enjoyable. :slight_smile:

its just become a button mashing moron game…

lets play “who gets the most critical hits”

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true -

I dodge, I win, I crit, I win…
they dodge, they win, they crit, they win…

trophy count should have nothing to do with it. They had a L23 erlidominus, a L24 thor, and a tryko - I have none of those, but because I have more trophies they yassume my chances of winning are higher?

Sounds like more Ludia logic…