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Why Tuoramoloch's kit is so very flawed


I really believe this superhybrid needs a rework. First, it’s the fastest dino that can slow (50%) opponents. That means it’s always going to be the faster dino. (Except against Monomimus, Ornitominus, Gallimimus, Erlidom, Magna, and Monolometrodon cause they’re immune)

Now stay with me just for a second. It also has a counter-attack. That brings a big issue : This counter-attack counts for alot of tuoramoloch’s damage, buuuuuuuuut, it doesn’t get to do it’s counter-attack twice because : when you stun an opponent, he doesn’t get to attack you, and when tuoramoloch impacts and run, he doesn’t get attacked either!! So the default kit use for tuoramoloch is wasting a whole 1x damage before running.

Now, there are two options for a rework because this simply isn’t a good design.

1- Remove the counter-attack
Buff it’s damage 1.5x (so 1605) (I know that’s a lot ok)
New move : Decelerating Rampage (Optional)
Instant Charge (for more flexibility, now it’s kit always goes one way)

2- Change Impact and run for Instant Distraction (Combination of Instant Charge and Distracting Strike let’s say lol)
Change Stunning Impact for Stunning Rampage

That’s it! Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
If a DEV sees this, hi
And you’re free to take my advice i know there is a patch coming soon :wink:

-An engaged Montrealese player

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i think all this dino needs is a slight buff. it used to have alot more damage then got severely nerfed. then they increased the damage a little. its kit is very usefull in this meta which is filled of fast creatures and bleeders. im a huge fan of counter strike dinos especially for swappers. assuming you open the same way with it then you may get the same effects that you speak of but what if you open ss? this is a versatile dino. just needs a bit more damage

#3 a good article on tuo that you might appreciate it.


Im also a fan of removing counter attacking from toura and giving it more base damage… as the op stated its kit is kinda bad for counter attacking style. Stuns and runs just dont coexist with the counter attacking play…


So u want to give it 1600+ attack, 2 rampage attacks, instant charge, and instant distract? Lmao good luck


It doesnt need 2 rampages nor does it need 1600 base… i myself was talking about putting the damage of its counters into its base damage… two of its attacks just kinda negate the counter damage as is.


I kinda like the counterattack for what it is.
How about maybe giving the thing a swap in slow? So there would be more chances to use the counterattack and giving that tiny bit extra kick some people want it to have.

Just an idea.


I actually really like the idea of changing its impact and run to instant distraction. Would make it a lot more interesting.


Someone threw their 30 Toura against me once. It died. There was a funeral, it didn’t hurt very much. It was a sad day really. Then the fight continued without much of a dent. They lost. I sent flowers.


It seems fairly clear to me that the main class left waiting for a serious buff and focus of an edition is the counter attackers my bet is in 1.6 allot of them are gonna become the new meta superbeasts alongside a flyer rework


Diloracheirus has 129 speed and can slow with superiority strike…


He did says slow by 50% lol


Nah 1 and 2 are different options 2 rampages would be insane and maybe 1605 base is indeed too much but i think these options give Tuora more of an identity than trying to do everything yet failing at everything like it kinda is right now.


SS slows 33% right now and tuora slows 50%


An instant move would be a nice buff


Sorry, missed that 50% comment.

@PQC I noticed the other day that paramoloch has an instant charge, so it would be nice if tuora had the same, but again, if the issue is it’s already faster than most other creatures an instant move isn’t all that much of a buff.


Basing my logic on a number of battles where I have thought - if only that charge was instant - happened more than once as its stuck in my head :smile:

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I don’t doubt it would come in handy. Not every battle always goes Slow > Stun > Run. The downside of instant charge is it’s only 1x damage. They’d have create a 1.5x version for this to really feel like a buff.


Good point - Thor suffers from that; often you’re better going for one of the other strikes with more damage than using the instant charge.


That’s one of my favourite moments with Thor; when they assume you’ll charge and you drop that sweet rampage on them, saving that charge for another turn.

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