Why Utahraptor (rare) has better ability than Pyroraptor (epic) stats?


I just realize. new update. Utah has similiar ability with pyro. strike & pounce. but for the last ability Utah (just rare) get “1.5x + Critical Hit”. And pyro (Epic) just get a “plain 1.5x” in new update? no more armor pierce?
…hope ludia can fix this and make an Epic ability must always better than its Rare


Pyro is faster and has more attack.


Got hit with Nerf bat for breaking the game balance lol :joy:


Yeah Pyroraptor seems a little underpowered after this update, especially for an Epic. There was no real reason to remove the x1.5 armor pierce, a simple attack nerf would suffice. Now there is not much reason to use it over the Velociraptor (a common), and no one runs more than 1 raptor in their teams anymore.


Back to this old post. Look like Ludia listen to us. Tq so much ludia. Pyroraptor last 1.5 damage ability already improve now with DoT