Why was I even allowed to enter at all?

Why was I allowed to enter a tournament that is mathematically impossible to win? I paid a ton of coins to level up dinos like Tyranolophosaurus that I will never run on my regular team. Boosted dinos because after battling endless 150 speed Tryostronix, I needed one to compete (will be on my bench Monday) . Now apparently, I also need to go on about a 50 game win streak to have any hope of clawing up? I play this game as best I can according to what logic says is the path to victory, strengthen your team. But, apparently Ludia doesn’t want us to strengthen too much or they stack the deck to the moon! This is not a skill or strength tournament, it is a trophy algorithm deciding who can and can’t win.


We never had this problem in previous tournaments. Gain/loss factor of +30/-30 was working well and I don’t understand why Ludia has to change it.

This is NOT fair at all and very discouraging!


This just shows ludia is totally oblivious to the arena issues. It actually looks like they think the arena is working well the way it is so the put the same algorithm in the tournament. Clueless. Hiw can we complain about this everyday and not get a single acknowledgment that there is a problem?



Equal level tourneys will be screwed up even more with this algorithm because players at top could be beaten by anyone with much higher than 30 trophy loss and RNG will be frustrating as hell.
Also, please consider moving the end time of tourney back to Sunday morning because most people need to get ready and work on Monday.

Actually. In the update it says that you are suppose to win/lose up to 40 and and no less than 20 if I remember correctly.

This is why I quit earlier today. Completely asinine. I don’t want to think a company could be this completely stupid, but there only other option in they’re doing it on purpose, which is also not very encouraging.

“I paid a ton of coins to level up dinos like Tyranolophosaurus that I will never run on my regular team. Boosted dinos because after battling endless 150 speed Tryostronix, I needed one to compete (will be on my bench Monday)”

The above is why you were allowed to complete. To drain you of precious resources for a one time shot, and then hope you BUY more.


There is no problem for Ludia as long as people keep throwing money at them. Sadly, many still are.

People have different schedules and for many the weekend isn’t a good time at all. Tournaments should either be a whole week long or be held at different times of the week.

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That’s why I said ‘most’. Correct me if I am wrong, but I assumed most people don’t take this game as a business during business days…

Also, it would be fine if it last a week for non-equal level tourney. However, for equal level ones the only thing it would change is endurance would be more important than anything else. People certainly will get bored about it very quick with less variety compared with normal arena.

Don’t even want to talk about holding it at different times…That would be too complicated for Ludia to make money.

This is a whole separate issue that also needs to be addressed. Permanently screwing people who have real life during the weekend is not the best solution, but, sadly, completely in line with Ludia’s spirit.

I agree completely. Ludia bosses will be in in the morning.
And probably have the following conversation.

How much money did we make off boosts this week…

Complaints about the tournament…
Who cares…look at all the money from boosts.


So if you can’t win, then you’d rather not play?

I’m top 700 and that’s ok for me, would prefer top 500, but I’ll get by.

I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Everything about the arena is slowly being altered to favor money spenders. Apex Predators prefers crushing terrible players in arena. When they want a challenge they friendly battle each other. If Apex isn’t crushing people, they aren’t happy. If Apex aren’t happy, Ludia loses their cash cow.

  • First op dinos
  • Then boosts
  • Now trophies altered to +1/-30 or higher
  • Addition of negative score this tournament

This does NOT favor money spenders.
At all.

This tournament?
Yeah, it kind of does.

Or was that sarcasm?

@Ned @J.C @John hey guys, we got yet another problem! (Good thing making a list virtually in a software program you won’t run out of space like an actual notebook would, huh? :joy:)

I’ve said it before, and will say it again… you guys should really suggest to your boss to have people working the weekend shift, give them days off during the week or pay them extra, idk, figure it out :joy:

It doesn’t make sense to start a tournament on friday and then everyone at Ludia goes off for the weekend and nobody bothers about checking to see if the tournament is going well, if there are problems, etc…

A similar thing happened with a release that went down just before the weekend, problems occurred and nobody was in the office to even try and communicate or fix anything…

Anyways, just expressing some thoughts :thinking::man_shrugging:

@gabotion saw you up on the leaderboard and your team looked great, props to you for making the high cost investment in those “non meta” dinos! Hopefully they fix these tournaments so that our investment is actually rewarded.

Hope everyone has a good monday!

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Look it’s no secret that every … EVERY game is about a company making the absolute most money possible.

Ever since let’s see… Pong. Did you ever play shareware floppy disk games?

They were fun but not very high quality.

But the bottom line is frustration and anger and fear of missing out generate more money than banking on positive emotions.

In truth it follows Machiavelli
“Is it better to be loved or feared?
It is best to be both… But failing that , it is better to be feared than to be loved. For love is a fickle emotion…”

They know there is no way to please the player base so they don’t even try.

It was entirely possible that they could have taken a more “please them approach” but the giant Wall of noise that is thier vocal minority would have distributed that quickly.

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I’m sorry about that, @gabotion. Our team would like to take a closer look at this. If you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can take a look at your account? Thanks!

It’s not a “if I can’t win, I don’t want to play” . You are choosing to see what you want to see. I worked and hunted and spent coins to level, and bought the stupid boosts. Chose to invest in the Dinos I have. Played by all the rules Ludia set in front of me. Now, after buying the dumb boosts and pumping up my dinos, I am told via some medal system algorithm that my team is “so strong” that I need the deck stacked against me to make things “fair”. It makes no sense. Are we supposed to pay for the boosts or not? You can have them, you have to pay for them, but we will handicap you if you do.


I will message, sure thing. It feels like the medal system was changed mid tournament. Can’t prove it of course. But Friday and Saturday I was not seeing +1, +1, + 5 and -59 for a loss. Sunday things sure seemed different.


I agree - I thought the trophy system was fine Friday and Saturday (dare I say it was working very well) but then on Sunday it went crazy with rewards all over the show - gave up and camped at #150 as didn’t want to drop out of top 250 and ended #160.

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