Why was Jurassic World so heavily criticized?

I finally got around to seeing it last night and I was curious as to why the movie seemed to be so heavily criticized? Sure, it had a few moments where they went a little too over the top, but over all it was a solid movie. It’s not the type of movie that is supposed to be heavy on plot scenes.

The only problem I had with it was the idea of the female lead running around in high heels all the time.


I love the movies like you said they were solid additions to the franchise, but a lot of the critics said they were played out more like typical monster movies than dinosaur movies, probably because a lot of the creatures were not exactly what palaeontologists perceive they looked like or fictional, but if they want a more realistic take you may as well watch the many documentaries on dinosaurs out there.


Exactly, and that’s why it’s criticized.
For a movie to get a good rating, you need a solid story that makes sense or makes you think. This is just mindless entertainment with lots of action.
I enjoyed it, and I guess many people who like action, CGI and dinosaurs do as well. Does not make it a good movie though :slight_smile:


That’s it these movies do what they set out to do entertain popcorn flicks the whole point is dinosaurs. Haven’t got a problem with leave your brain at the door and enjoy, there’s Plenty of films out there if your after some mental stimulation, also they could of gone down the route of the Godzilla remake shown next to nothing of the namesake until the very end and bore people to death.

Edit : But I loved Hobbs and Shaw so I’m probably not the best to comment :joy:

What others have said - I watch stuff like JW, Avengers and Hobbs & Shaw (absolutely love that movie!) when I want to be entertained, relax and get away from the real world; there are plenty of other films to watch if you want a more cerebral experience. I really enjoyed Joker but it wasn’t exactly relaxing - more like being hit round the head with a bat for 90 minutes …

If you want a thought invoking movie I would recommend Gattaca (1997) - a bleak look at the near future without being post-apocalyptical. Very under-rated IMHO.


Heavily criticised coz the story is utter bobbins. Just like the two original sequels.

Face it, the only decent film in this franchise is the first. Its fun and fantastical, but it stands up with a solid core of a story and has something extra to make you think. Michael Crichton was good at plotting, Spielberg is Spielberg.

The other 4 films are just popcorn fodder. Marvel at the CGI, forget what happened on the way home.

Gattaca is very nice.
If you like that kinda thing, try The Man From Earth or Moon.


I just hated the movie. Shallow characters, nonsensical plot at times, only looks flashy and cool.

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But… Dinosaurs!
The plot of JWA isn’t much better and you love it too :slight_smile:

I don’t play JWA for the plot, mostly because there isn’t one. :smile:

Well I didn’t watch the movie for the plot either, same reason :wink:

Because it sucked. The plot was absolute garbage. However, I only watch the Jurassic Park movies to watch dinosaurs kill people and fight each other and those parts were okay. :slight_smile:

I did’nt have much problems with Jurassic World, only movie I can 't stand is JP3. Every time I see it, I hope that that screaming woman gets eaten after all😑 .

I have to say I loved the movie! Jurassic Park was the first movie I ever seen at the cinema as a kid (opening week Australia 1993), so when the scene at the start when Gray runs and flings the door open and the camera pans over Jurassic World as the original theme plays, WOW the nostalgia was crazy intense for me!
We got to see what JP was meant to be, but alas it’s a Jurassic Movie and we all knew it was going to go bad!

Also when I seen the scars on the neck of the rex I was like, THATS REXY!

Oh and the scene when Owen is talking about how Indom was raised and goes “She will kill everything that moves” gave me chills!

I actually went back and watched it again at the movies, the first time I had ever seen the same movie at the cinema.
Howevet I broke that record when Fallen Kingdom came out, seen it 3 times!

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I just found it boring and a complete letdown. Loved seeing the dinosaurs of course. But really, there was far too much of the human cast (main characters were unfortunately just awful with their one dimensional personalities - the kids in particular were some of the dullest child characters I’ve seen in movies as of late). Plot I could get behind even if it was a bit silly at times.

Still haven’t watched FK. Probably won’t unless it comes on television.

IMO this was a great movie, and I loved it. Most people hate all the new Jurassic Park/world films because they love the original too much that they blindly hate all the new ones no matter what. It’s like the Star Wars fanbase.

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Me and my wife and our son love all the movies.

It’s escapism and fun which is much needed in this world we live in.

It is what it is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else.


Outrunning a T-Rex in heels. :roll_eyes: