Why was Tryko Nerfed?

I was just browsing along my creatures and found many surprising stuff:-
(1) Erlikospyx’s Revenge Distracting Impact was Renamed to Revenge Thwarting Impact (TBH I don’t care about this)
(2) Phorusaura’s Rampage and Run is still Delayed
(3) AND NOW MOST importantly Tryko got a Damage nerf!! (This is very concerning and bothers many like me!)
All the above changes were not mentioned in the V2.3 Release Notes. And I don’t think Tryko Needs a Nerf anymore… And it’s a perfect visual glitch we are having there.
My Tryko is lvl22 and it’s boosts are like 2/1/0 and the stats are like this before the update:-

And after the update they were like this:-

I now need Ludia to plz fix this and we don’t welcome any unexpected changes after an update.
Guys Plz upvote this if you want this to happen!


Thank you I’ll put mine there

It’s a visual glitch. It’s still the normal damage in battle.

No, it is not.

Sorry, but it’s not just a visual glitch. I got a partial damage nerf here’s the proof

My Tryko has random attack now:
2674 should be as before update
2590 in stats
2632 GREEN in battle stats
5246 rampage vs Tragodistis
2645 strike vs Monostego
5308 second rampage vs Utasino

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