Why wasn't I given my 6 attempts


Everytime today I was only given four attempts!! And when I went for my 5th it says attempts already maxed. What’s uP?


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It sounds like it could be a glitch. Try shutting down the app and reopen. You could try restarting your phone too. If neither works, reach out to Ludia.


Hey Allen_Bachman, the number of attempts you get for the featured dino is no longer linked to one. If there are multiple dinos being featured that day, the attempts will be shared between the featured dinos. Take a look at our FAQ here for more information: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=hot-topics&f=about-new-special-events&p=all


There were 2 dinos for the epic group this Saturday/Sunday. 1. Blue 2. Pyroraptor.
One would get a total of 6 attempts which can be used towards either of the two but towards a total of 6 attempts.

eg: If you used 2 attempts on Blue, you can use only remaining 4 attempts on Pyro.


Made the same counting mistake with Trex and some other epic when I first started playing. Painful learning experience.


What are the dinos of the week, it’s not shown on the game but I know tarbo is one of them because it notified me


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You’ll need to keep checking back to see the featured dinos. :slight_smile: