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Why we get more than 33% speed boosts from incubators?

Im not sure if it was discussed before but it is known issue confirmed by many players from different aliances.
Battle incubators should give players each boosts equally in the long run. But that is not true!
I am personally getting more than 50% speed boosts and less than 50% from the remaining HP and ATK ones. That is ridiculous and i ask ludia 2 questions:

  1. What will you do with current incubator boost distribution system?
  2. How will you refund players for missing boosts from the past?

Thank you for reply.
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For me it’s more like 80% speed boost, 10% hp, 10% attack. (may be exaggerated, but I see speed boosts more often than any other)
See this:

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Totally agreed. We need a fix on this.
The fact that the boosts sales have been limited since 2.0 is a good thing in my opinion but this Is creating a real issue with the battle incubators boosts rewards. The players had an alternative before with the daily boosts sales if they wanted more of them for their roster. Now they are just left with the battle incubators and that Russian Roulette that in practice isn’t giving out all different boost at the same rates.
I personally don’t expect Ludia to aknowledge this because it will mean it’s wrongly implemented (or worse…) as it’s displayed with equal odds ingame. I think we need to come with a survey in order to have them look into it and recognize there was a « technical issue » on it.

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For me is the exact opposite, I can’t seem to get speed boosts but instead Ludia always gives me incubator after incubator of attack/health boosts… I have +150 attack boosts and +100 health boosts compared to my speed boost count :sob:

You’ll be grateful for those attack and health boosts when you enter the late game where speed doesn’t matter as much

I counted incubators i opened within last 24h or something and got this:
2 HP boosts
4 ATK boosts
15!!! speed boosts

And this scenario repeats almost every day. This drive me crazy as hell.