Why were Boost Shuffle Events cancelled for future updates?

Yes, i understand the new token system, but why does this make an exclusion for the shuffle events?
What is wrong with having both? The tokens are good if you need immediate change of boosts, but the event could still occur like every 3,6,9,12 or whatever months.

Why? Well because the balance in the game does change quite drastically with some patches and not everyone is boosting creatures one by one. Like i am splitting my boosts on different dinos, having a couple of health here and a couple of attack there and so on.

Now how would i ever be able to make a good use of the tokens if t hey are very limited AND ONLY removes one kind of boost. I think this is no help at all and if a patch changes like 3 of my boosted dinos, then this would need me 9 tokens to fully clean them off, if i dont wanna use them anymore.

I dont really understand why it is a problem to have shuffle events from time to time.
With the new token system everyone that are maximum boosting dinos 1by1 are in huge favor to those splitting them among a wider range. Does not makes sense at all to me…

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With all the boosts acquired throughout the years a single shuffle would pretty much make buying boosts pointless.
One shuffle would enable you to max boost your arena team, Raid teams, Advantage teams, with enough boosts banked to max all new dinos for the life of the game.
This is assuming you play everyday of course.


well, ok, that maybe refers to people playing the game for multiple years. which brings us back to the point where its not only a disadvantage for those having the boost split up over many dinos, but also for newer players which never had a chance for a trial and error or bug/nerf boost shuffle event. if they would at least let us remove all boosts at once, instead of having the need of 3 individual tokens for a full wipe… and if they are in lack of money, they should propably look at their overpriced (as hell) store first and make more reasonable prices, which attracts more people. the only viable thing to buy there is gold when its on discount and a good offer with enough dollars in it, before that. thats my opinion at least :neutral_face:

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