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Why won’t Ludia fix matchmaking

I enjoy the rest of the game. But match making has me wanting to delete this game and playing it less and less . I am keeping my money in my pocket till it gets fixed maybe then they will fix it . I advise you all do the same so something is done. I understand fixing problems take time but it is an old problem. If something isn’t done in next few months I will move on. This will just be another game that I left that got ruined just like WoW.


What exactly would you want to see fixed and how would you propose it be implemented?

Also do you think its the matchmaking or is it that players that are the problem.


My husband also played this game . He has only epics the gold colored . No legendaries no uniques he has one at lvl 18 the rest are 16 a few 17 . He stopped playing when he was getting in with unique Dinos . Why would someone so low with such low Dinos be fighting people with 21to 23 uniques. You see nothing wrong with that?

And you saying is it the players feels like you are calling me a bad player . I have been in matches with people 1000 points above me all Dinos way higher and super boosted , but I’m the bad player? Is that what you are saying?

The battle scaling is WAY off.

Supposedly it’s supposed to be within 4 or so levels. Which in my experience, actually DOES work with good team dynamics (I was mostly the underdog in terms of leveling.

However, I often start running into people 10 levels higher, which is again, OUTSIDE of the dynamics that Ludia advertised. Even without a figure, a 10 level difference IS NOT considered “within range” in any context.

And we’re just talking levels here. Not “power” as is claimed in the little info graphics that appear during load time in arenas.

Ironically, if the actual parameters were actually enforced, I’d imagine that this would eliminate power battles against droppers.

I hypothesize that the game, if the a.i can’t finds a “proper” match up, just defaults to pairing you up with whomever is available and calls it a day. I’ve noticed this after a string of dumb, (yes mods, it is dumb, example as was mentioned above. A level 10 and the like, differential matchup? How else would you describe it?) the game switches to a.i. And no, I’m not talking about the a.i that pops in after you lose in succession. I’m talking about the option of, “we can’t find anyone, so here you are if you want”.

Again, if the parameters were actually enforced, then we wouldn’t experience so many unbalanced matchups that have nothing to do with team synergy or boosts. Those are separate issues. One having to do with operator error, the other to do with $$$.

Actually its not that I am saying you are a bad player but that is the problem caused by other players rather than the matchmaker.

Let me explain, on Monday me and another 1000+ players, whose.trophies are 5.5k and above, come down from Nublar and Gyro into Library. We battle upwards kicking others down into Aviary. So now based on Ludia’s trophy based matchmaker, they now all are within range of you so them belonging to 1 arena higher now are battling you.

So that is Ludia’s fault in this. Player fault (not you) is players who choose go upwards and instead choose to drop into Aviary or Library to bully lower level players. So even with a better matchmaker they will still be there bullying you.

Pure power based matchmaking results in a problematic leaderboard which is multiple leagues superimposed into 1 leaderboard.

So I am asking how would you solve the problem.


The matchmaker in Aviary is 66% trophy and 34% power/level. So if you meet a dropper who is within your trophy range and has a superior team they get matched with you regardless of actual team power.

How to solve the dropper problem has been widely discussed. Along with anecdotes of what actually happened when Ludia tried a 100% power based matchmaker.

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Don’t worry, you are probably not a bad player :slight_smile: Some people here tend to think matchmaking is fine because they’ve seen a more broken version and/or because they are in a good spot. Once your team gets close to the level cap (which is 30 as of now) matchmaking cannot find you opponents with higher level dinos for obvious reasons, so it is somewhat balanced. This does not mean 1) matchmaking is fine for everyone 2) you are a bad player or 3) players in the higher arenas are good players.

It is perfectly fine to move to other games and play this one casually or not at all. Maybe at some point if more and more players drop the game, Ludia will consider fixing their matchmaking… maybe not. In any case I strongly support voting with your wallet :wink:

The hybrid matchmaker is in Aviary. So do you think it is working?

I am not in a good place matchmaking wise because I keep getting the top 10 players. That doesnt mean I want to be cheated out of a fair place on the leaderboard because the matchmaker cannot get its act together giving some players bypass into top 100 and others being kicked down 1000 places.

The problem is droppers and a certain 2 min timer. Fixing the matchmaker doesnt fix the above 2 issues since droppers will just change their team to crutch/fodder their way to easy matches.

Again? I explained you already so many times?

I hear you man.

And to let you personally know: out of a lot of posters on here, you are def one that I put weight to, when an opinion is expressed… but let’s get “real here” A LOT of the most common topics have already been dissected, reviewed, closed and revisited again :crazy_face:.

We’re going to see these same topics again next week under a different guise.

Unless Ludia just flat out releases the actual coding parameters etc etc, then anything is worth considering.

But you know what? Despite the flaws, mulling over theories and complaining.

We’re all still here. That’s where they, Ludia, have “us” beaten.


As if that is the ONLY way a hybrid matchmaking can be done. None other exists :smiley:

You are one of the few people around who claim this or that cannot be fixed because you have seen one bad implementation. There are probably hundreds of different ways matchmaking works in games, this one here is one of the worst implementations and people see it (and complain about it, naturally). Somehow I don’t see a lot of people complaining that “some players bypass into top 100”, why is that? Maybe it’s not such a big issue compared to the amount of stupidly unfair matches, I dunno :man_shrugging:

Who are you and what exactly have you explained so many times? :joy:

Ok, in that case …I already had the feeling that you just kept repeating your mantra of another hybrid matchmaking, without actually thinking thoroughly about the arguments others are presenting to you. If you don’t remember anything of our previous discussion, I won’t bother again …cheers

Yes please, don’t bother again if you got nothing more than “I explained so many times” to say :wink: I checked the previous discussion you refer to and I can see you mostly agreed with me. Let me quote:

So, I don’t think we disagree so much, you just seem to say, ‘well, leaderboard doesn’t interest me, so my matchmaking proposal is perfectly fair’.

Well, perhaps you won’t believe me, but I’m feeling your pain too.
I’m 100% ftp, so just the free boosts, normally floating between 5400-5700, but this time I’m in 5300-5500, facing terribly boosted teams of lvl 30s. So, what’s going on? I suppose the matchmaking didn’t change since the last season? The only thing I can come up with is the stupid Kelenken (as well as that 2 minute timer of course)

Are these not your words? But somehow now it turns out YOU explained to me so many times :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I did reply to all of your and others’ arguments in that previous topic after thinking thoroughly about the exact same problem you admit there is with the current matchmaking (quoted above). If you have a new explanation that somehow fixes the matchmaking for me, Elerrina and everyone else bringing this topic again and again in all channels, please do share. But don’t come at me with that kind of “I already explained” condescending attitude unless you are simply trolling, of course.

First quote: Only if you are not interested in the leaderboard your proposal for matchmaking can be called fair; meaning, no your matchmaking is not ok because we are talking about the battles that provide throphies for this very leaderboard.
Second quote: I’m not saying current matchmaking has to be replaced, just pointing out that I also have hard times in arena, which is normal because I’m surrounded with my peer group; the only real problem are the droppers, that’s what the quote is about.

About my tone, I’m very sorry, that’s not the way I want to communicate.
But, I wasn’t too happy neither with your tone in

Let’s say I’m a little frustrated of all the claims of matchmakig is not ok, not ok, not ok, … but I can only say (I’m in the trophy only zone) that most of the times battles are as they should be, against teams that are strong, but not those top 50 super teams. And what I like to think is that my opponent also thinks, man that team is hard; perhaps the both of us are complaining of facing too strong teams… The 2 problems I see are the droppers and the passage from aviary to library (from hybrid to trophy only mm). And I do understand a lot of people are involved in this second problem! (I’m also not a fan of boosts.)

So, that’s why I put some effort in proposing something that in my opinion resolves all the above issues, and that’s where frustration accumulated, only 3 people commented. And I think it could bring back the soul of the game, removes the dropper problem, removes boost problem without removing the boosts, …
Of course I didn’t expect the proposal to be flawless, at least I had hoped for some discussion about it. For me this lack of reaction proved that a lot of people here (I’m not adressing you personally here!) just want to complain, complain, complain, and return to the first weeks of their game where progression was almost lineair. Matchmaking can be changed, but not in an hybrid way since I strongly believe this is not compatible with the very notion of a leaderboard. So I proposed something fresh, without any profound reactions so far…

Now I did bother again :thinking: :woman_facepalming:

Because Ludia abandoned it after a month. I guess the actual whales complained.

Why it happens is, you are only matched with someone of similar power regardless of your trophies. So after a few.days if you are on the upper end of your power bracket or you got everyone else figured out, you can literally farm them for 100s of trophies. So you will top the leaderboard. It happened.

This is pure power based matchmaking. Trophies doesnt matter. Once you change your team in anyway, your power changes so you change bracket for better or worse.

The current matchmaking is on the opposite end, your opponent power doesnt matter in matchmaking only trophies matter. So if everyone has similar trophies + - 200 trophies or so, they are matched with each other.

Aviary’s matchmaking seems to be mainly trophy based so quite merit based. Your team and strategy determine your trophies. This doesnt account for droppers and yoyo players.

Ludia has tried the mythical power based matchmaking and its outcome was more uneven than trophy based which was working before 1.7.

I dun trust Ludia with making a complex algorithm to account power without making a giant mess of it. They are better off just making arena dropping less rewarding and actually fixing the mechanics of the seasonal reset as well as AI timers.

Once players stop choosing to stay in Library and Gyro, the unfair matchmaking will be lessened since the stronger players will be higher up the leaderboard on merit.not algorithm scumming.

I can understand your frustration, even though I generally agree with the complaining side and support it. The way I see it though, you can complain about matchmaking or any other aspect of the game without necessarily offering a better solution. We should not expect everyone to be an aspiring game designer or even anything more than a casual gamer. Personally I would love to discuss matchmaking alternatives in-depth with you or anyone else (which is why I will check your suggestion and comment on it) BUT the problem then is, like most of the times, that discussion wouldn’t really change anything in the game. Even when Ludia creates polls to directly ask players about upcoming changes, the outcome in the end is… questionable, to say the least. On the other hand, if enough players complain and/or leave the game, believe me, changes will come - good or bad, those changes will probably be late though.

For a lot of people, including me, it doesn’t take a top 50 super team to have a clearly impossible match. Now I know, droppers, season reset, so on and so on, but in the end it is matchmaking that connects the dots. Please don’t tell me that 1 week out of 4 matchmaking just HAS to suck cause of seasons and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it :wink: riiiiight.

You don’t believe in hybrid matchmaking, that’s fine. I’m not asking you to believe in anything, like I said many times in different topics, there are a lot of ways to fix matchmaking, depending on how much Ludia is willing to invest in reworking their game. I am willing to support any idea that improves the experience, this is my main point, not the hybrid matchmaking mantra like you seem to assume.

You do know Ludia doesnt have to reset the top players down to Library right?

I agree 1 week of a 4 to 5 week season shouldnt suck. To many of the problem kids in Lib and Gyro even Aviary, the 1 week you find sucky is the best week of the season because it isnt full of top players giving them a fair fight. They can enjoy the game.

There is an easier and less likely to piss the top 100 players way of changing this. Actually make Nublar and Gyro worth staying and progressing in. Stop the insane reset. Resetting is fine. I mean it gets very angering to have to face the top 100 week on week to lose due to a bad move or just bad RNG. But resetting literally everyone from Gyro Depot and above down within range of those in Aviary is unnecessary and quite malicious.

Hybrid or otherwise, there will always be droppers and some really dun care about climbing back.up if they can get easy battles and fast incs.

To me matchmaking is always bad because I cant get enough wins to justify any matchmaker being good. Too fair, too angering. Too unfair, i wonder why it happens and pity the opponent. AI timer would solve my issue but that isnt a matchmaker problem but a timer issue.

I see droppers a lot. They want to drop down so they can grind incubators and take downs on there way back up lol.