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Why won’t Ludia fix matchmaking

I would drop too. If nothing to grind battles and incs. Less stress. Less wasted time. Enough humans to not be a stagnant place but not too much that it gets frustrating.

I understand why people do it. But well this is the problem of droppers and resets. It sends upper players lower down. And its a ripple effect all the way down.

That is why lvl 18 dinos are facing lvl 23 uniques heh. Get rid of the timer in beach and make the rewards higher. Is probably the best option.


Ludia could rotate some exclusive creatures into the league arenas every month. each month there’s a different exclusive (or 2) per arena that can be gained from incubators. that along with fixing the timers and season reset should alleviate some of the dropping and matchmaking hiccups as players would be higher and potentially want to climb higher to reach those rewards. Gotta make the upper arenas more enticing.


It’s the same issue they had in the beginning. All the desirable DNA was in the first 3-4 arenas so people would stay there to farm. Once they reorg’d it was better but then they added Lockwood, Gyro, and Shores and gave absolutely no incentive for people to want to stay there. As said already, it’s actually a negative experience once you get to Shores so I can’t blame people for dropping.

More power-based was blatantly abused. It wasn’t perfect and people came here to find the exact imperfections and strategize how to use them.

Pictures were posted here with teams of level 30 Thor, level 30 Indoraptor … slot 8 filled with level 5 Dimorphodon. I am serious, pictures like this were posted with chat such as “This worked for me, now I’m getting better matches”.

People began putting Dimorphodon and Dracorex Gen 2 into their upper arena squads to figure out the best way to lower their power level. Back then you weren’t dealing with big Maxima and Gemini so in terms of a useless Dino, swap in bleed and swap in 40% damage were really useful for a useless draw.

Then it should be based on your highest level to avoid this. The absolute complaints rolled in. They leveled up this dino one time (their bigest, often something like a Magna) and now they are being matched with stronger people. “This is the only game you get punished for leveling up”, very often cited.

I personally would like to hear the best match making solution if the person keeps in mind players will always try to find a way to use it and if it isn’t already written to be against the rules they can’t be punished for doing so.

The only way I can see to stop this is to have some sort of cap on certain arenas. Either on rarity (uniques only useable after arena 10), or creature level (level 30 only useable after arena 10). No idea what the cut-offs should be or which would work better tho.

every time a season ends, ludia system “resets” highest player’s trophies.

so they are all near poor players like us, who are aviary or library.

and they start to battle new season, making us to meet level 30 monsters down here.

another problem with mm is: if mm range is too close, it’s more fair, but you have more chances of finding nobody online to battle.

this is why i love lvl 26 tournaments. a lot of people of every level battling a fair play. :heart:
specially those with more dinos to choose, reducing speed tie situations.

It should be based on like 50 trophies within your range. I would like it to be based if power but trophies makes more sense. If you can’t advance, then you don’t battle until you get a batter creature.

A way to make it better is it is based off power within the 50 trophies that are below and above you. I would do this because there are droppers. I know this cuz I played a whole team of level 30 boosted uniques.

Why is the matchmaking so broken ludia fix this we have been complaining for months it’s like you dont care?

I’m hanging in Aviary between 4500 and 4600 trophy’s. Match making seems fine to me with my level 20-21 teams. I do on rare occasion get someone with a high level boosted creature and just try to fly through and finish the match to go to the next one. I think only once I just said “screw it” and sat the phone down and went and got some coffee when someone pulled some high level what ever.

I did notice they don’t have the pity AI in Aviary now. For the most part, I have a 50/50 win / loss rate.

Still battling people hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trophies above me… Ludia sort it out!!!

which arena are you?

are you sure that player really is 100s of trophies above you at the point of matchmaking?

How do you expect Ludia to stop players fro. dropping without punishing success.

Its worst after the reset your stuck fighting the top players worldwide knocked back to lockwood library.

My team is barely starting to get unique, and I face this is the aviary