Why would you do that?!?

We all know everyone makes mistakes when battling and sometimes you have no option but please use this thread to detail any moves you have encountered that just leave you shaking your head …

I have just defeated your Monomimus using the nullifying moves of Monostegotops which now has low health and you throw on your full strength I-Rex (so far not an issue) … and then immediately cloak! I HAVE A NULLIFYING CREATURE … at least throw a punch first :roll_eyes:

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I brought out gorgo, charged him up and killed my opponents 2nd dino. He brings in his gorgo 1 level below mine…

You could’ve use slowing impact or stunning, moves in which he didn’t need to soak up if he was lucky.

Did you just use nullify impact or base attack to kill his monomimus? If your nullify impact is cooling down, there’s plenty reasons he thought you would throw a 1.5x attack first

Fair point - but with two nullifying attacks available at least one would be available before the end of his cloak cycle …

Maybe they were counting on the double damage after cloaking and thought he could survive the hit? It is tempting to immediately cloak for that reason. It is so rare when I rex is faster and I have cloaked out of habit to realize duh I could have just killed him instead lol.

It’s possible it was the bot and it plays moves at random.

Or that graphic glitch when you can’t see maybe can’t use the skills.

Or that stupid arrow wrongly told them opponent had first go.

Or they were in a mood on 10 defeats in a row.

Or they thought all moves lost and did not care which one they pressed.

I evaded a Monomimus earlier had like 300 Hp opponent had fresh Dino my skills were on cooldown. What do I care a loss is a loss.

Probably for the same reason I just brought in my I-Rex at the wrong time… I just let my guard down. Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy and just defeat yourself.


but nullify nullifies that also -.-

Sometimes when we are stressed or desperate, we end up using the wrong dino or wrong moves (or both).

Before I majorly leveled up my team, I was in a battle where I encountered a full team of level 22 or higher uniques for the first time ever (my team at the time was about 18-21 with only IndoRaptor as unique and of course he didn’t get picked for the deck). I was two dinos down and they brought out a flipping Trykosaurus (my first time seeing one). In desperation and also not being familiar with Tryko’s moves (not much time to read through stats either), I looked at my deck and picked Alankylosaurus thinking I needed some invincibility shield. Well, the Tryko did DSR and that was that.

Never used Alankylosaurus ever again after that either.

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Against my lvl 20 Velociraptor who used a Pounce, then a Strike to defeat your dino. (So has a Pounce available again) and you take out a lvl 17 Velociraptor…ok, Pounce-bye