Why you hate Tenontorex so much, Ludia?

She is considered as a chomper just like Thor with 20% crit.
You nerf her attack in 1.7. Then nerf crit damage in 1.8 without any damage buff to compensate it.
Her sister, Thor, receive two buff in a row. That is totally not fair.


Actually everyone in the chomper family received a damage buff due to Crit Damage nerf except for Tento. She got nothing. She is not loved RIP


He should have been buffed.


It just got better than Thor. Not sure what your point is here.

Care to elaborate your point? Everyone else is under the impression Thor is still superior.


Ludia likes his lovely dinos Thor, Tryko, Utha, Magna and Draco… so they will boost on every patch
Ludia hates Stigidarex, Petroveus, Spinonyx and indoraptor (they are not relevant for the meta or will nerf so much that they will not relevant anymore)

Yea even tyrannoloph got a damage buff to compensate… its damage is much higher than tenrex now… sad tenrex is a cool dino that is fun to use

I’m close to a 28 5-5-5, please let me know your thoughts. I didn’t think a buff was in the future, but the crit % change hurts.

I honestly am not seeing an immediate gain from tenotorex it suffers the same crit damage nerf… and had its damage reduced last patch…

Sure it has ss… and thus a little more difficult to counter then thor but its always had that.

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Yes that’s true. I white night for the fact a chomper that’s already had distracting and was barely less relevant is now maybe more relevant than a dino that lost its niche in knocking out DC. Do you feel like providing counter points? I won’t pay you for them as I am hoarding this cash.

Just a head’s up @JHVS has always been supportive and offered nothing but useful constructive comments to every thread that I have seen. Insulting those that may not share your view is simply wrong.


Tenonto didn’t get the damage buff it should have like others in the same category that have been affected by the crit change. Oversight or on purpose by the powers that be is unknown.

I’d be supportive too if I was on the payroll…

Just kidding…@JHVS

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That’s the same way I see it but considering how Thor relies on that crit rate especially to counter DC is it hard to say TenRex moves ahead? I am wondering

I kinda think they didn’t buff because they see what I see.

Distraction being the difference?

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It’s a huge difference

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Your chompers are about to need to be versatile

I agree, I’ve always struggled getting that move in before boosts and still do. I got mine to 127, but still too slow.

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Especially 2nd in after Thor took the first one.

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