Why you hate Tenontorex so much, Ludia?

Its a possibility for sure… ive always been in the small group that saw tenotorex was arguably better then thor in 1.7 do to this versatility… its always been hard to judge as most people have thor overleveled and overboosted.

I feel this way cause thor is easy to counter… and fairly straight forward tenotorex takes a little more thinking…

Heck, one attempt at him would unbalance the whole game…


LOL if you say so, have fun playing microtransactions world alive

I don’t know that we’ve met on here before. Hope you aren’t going anywhere because we are in the same boat playing this game. Be kind to others k :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe Ludia wore out the Invincibility Emu (Monomimus) punching bag and need a new one in Tenon!

Definitely should get a small buff though. I love this dino. Put in at the right time of battle and used right Tenrex can cause troubles for opponents. But the dmg nerf than the crit nerf hurts.

But I have not and will not sit mine love it too much.

Yeah and its a shame Lydia couldn’t give us that shot at darting Teno a while back…but I suppose they couldn’t, it would have unbalanced the arena >.> lol


That time really upset me lol, at that time I was far from unlocking her tenonto in parks was pretty tough. But now my Tenrex is reaching into lvl 26. And easily one of my top 3 favorite uniques in the game.

It’s a shame how almost all dinos got a crit compensation buff except her. I wouldn’t be surprised that they just forgot to do it lol.

I don’t understand how some dinos are certainly harder to get and don’t survive as long as they should. While easy to get dinos go around trolling.

Oh I keep her at lvl 24 because we all know what I’d be in for if I level her.


So I have my tenontorex at 27 with enough dna to take to 29 after this event and I can say I ABSOLUTELY love him and his kit! With boosts, he was getting pummeled left and right, but I was undeterred. Finally have mine to the right boosts (sans speed, currently 127) but when I use him right he’s a complete beast. Even undersped with 135 Thors roaming, starting off with distracting impact I can usually still survive through turn 2 which means most dinos are dead. I second the opinions of infatuation with this Dino!

This one has grown up a bit since the op and is officially my favorite. More unpredictable than many and bumping the speed made a huge difference. I hesitated to go from 28 to 29 and thankfully no regrets :slightly_smiling_face:


I love my tenontorex but it would be nice to see a small buff. I think it should have something different. Pick one or more lol
Sia - distraction
Sia - stun
Nullifying rampage
Stunning rampage

He definitely needs a stunning move because his rare component has a stunning SIA and a stunning strike. Change the DSI to stunning impact.


Just imagine tenonto with a stunning impact. He might end up being on the same level as thor, and thus an effective counter. Especially considering that both have the same base speed.


That’s what I’m saying. Also every time I use tenontorex I am waiting for her counter attack. I don’t know if it’s just the posture or that it looks similar to touramolach

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don’t know exactly why, but every single tenonto i face is a nice relief. finished easily. :slight_smile:

i find real questionable thor and tenonto same team. maybe strategy to have more chances of using a chomper every battle?

A lot of players don’t use her at the right time and situation. But if you do it can setup a few good wins. Basically it’s not Thor where you just go forward charging. You need to think about tenrex. And since it didn’t receive a crit compensation it’s a bit tough.

But used correctly and smart it can really do damage.


That is a monstrous tenrex xd I love it!

Mine is a baby compared to that one but where I’m at it’s not a baby heh.

Yes needs a stunning move of some sort. Idk how to go about it, but I think it needs the distraction hit still.

It should have guaranteed swap in stun. And a dmg buff. I also always thought she might counter or have armor because of the plates down it’s back plus she’s bulky.

Problem is Thor has instant stunning so I don’t see it helping against Thor if it lost the distraction. I’d vote to change defense shattering impact to stunning impact… Then you have a really firm Thor counter.

Anyway, just love for Ten


Here’s my tenontorex. I use her, Thor, tryko on my team. As soon as I have dio up to team level she will be on as well. I use tenontorex as a starter a lot. Her kit is so versatile that she make a great lead but, of course it depends on my team drawn.image


Ahhh great work on her to get lvl 30. I see most of us are going to speed 135. Wonder if anyone went higher than that. So far I don’t think she needs more speed. Except for speed 143-150 Thors. But against those Thors all dinos need more boosts lol.

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I’m working on getting my whole team to boost level 6 across the board. Then I will work on upgrading them a boost level as I can. 6 seems like the sweet spot as of now but when I first boosted everyone I accidentally boosted tryko and erlidoms attack to 7 and erlidoms health to 7. So now 7 looks like the magic number lol