Why you should get Thor

  1. It’s FAST. It is so fast that it beats the Super Tank Stegodeus. Why is it so? Because it ain’t got no armor to weigh him down.

  2. It’s STRONG. It can take the first attack on him and still survive (unless it is a dino that is of equal or higher level). It can sometime finish off any level 11 or below dinos with its 1st attack.

  3. It’s a UNIQUE. You’d probably want it on your roster to show it off and scare your opponents into submission without having to attack them (or more importantly be attacked in return).

  4. It’s EASY to level it up. All that’s required is a lot of Allosino dna to fuse it with Tarbo. I meant a lot because your fuses will be like 10…10…10…10…

  1. can beat an equal level tryko head to head.

  2. can inflict 3k damage off the bat and thats without crits.

  3. 40% crits

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  1. It’s based on Tarbosaurus. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Can’t wait until this weekend!
I’ll collect 9 Sinocera!


Only need tons of coins. -.-

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No it can’t inflict 3K damage off the bat…not at lvl 21 anyway.
No it can’t beat tryko cos it cannot sustain 2 hits from equal level tryko.
40% crits? Mine has yet to crit even once.

sure it can check your math bro.

Thor is the polar opposite of monomimus. The evading chook evades 6-8 times on a 50% chance. Thor doesn’t crit on 40% chance. That’s why I benched mine and it’ll stay there until it learns how to crit or reach level 22, whichever comes 1st.

“A small fortune in gems, yet I would trade them all for a phaser, a simple club, or some Sinoceratops DNA” - James T Kirk


see… dsi plus instant charge… 3k dmg

Mines like a bowl of green jello. I’ve only used it a couple times and it gets its azz handed to it 80% of the time. Rarely goes critical. It’s needs either immunity or some armor. Let’s dont even discuss needing six zillions Allo and Tarbo dna and a semi load of coin. < insert pulling hair out here>

You already have a zillion allo dna, and tarboosh dna is so easy to get.

i havent used mine yet and it wouldnt make my team at level 21 anyways. but just like most of these dinos… they are situational.

Yeah…I see it now. Puts out 3K damage after getting hit first & dies after 2nd hit. For a unique it sure is “soft”. Lol.

Is it that bad? Certainly not very encouraging. :thinking:

I’ve had good luck with mine and yes, situational describes him well. Which dinos aren’t besides the 5000hp or others that take so long to go down it cuts into dinner time.

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It’s not “that” bad, it’s just not good at lvl 21. Really depends on which arena you’re in. Getting slaughtered in the Aviary.

Now asking myself why is heart set on getting into aviary lol, hmmmm

I was thinking of trying to level him later this week, but am so close to 20+ with dracorex that I may just hold off. I do hope utarinex is worth the effort.

Mine is at23 atm and had luck 2 shoting indoraptors at 28 who dont dodge lol xd

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