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Why you should have doedicurus At decent level

Doedicurus Is one of the bes non hybrid Non Dino rares. Why’s that? Well one, his armor thing. He has armor + shield so He can turn a attack that is rounded up to 1,000+ Into an attack that is only 100 and something.

His attack where he swipes his tail at u (forgot it’s name) is also a good one because it’s a good effecter On other rares, Do you guys agree about him?

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It’s a good rare for sure. But 1000dmg attack would do 250 damage (50% armor and 50% shield).

Also, the doedi gets heavily countered by chompers which reduces its effectiveness at higher ranks.

Still a beast in rare-only tourneys as it can easily take down any other resilient.

It’s sad that they butchered it with the crappy hybrid it got


He is good to lv up for custom lv rare tournaments. But I think its hybrid is better moveset wise.


Mine is lvl 26 and I use her on tourneys.

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Oh not exactly 1,000 damage. Just da,age that would round up to 1,000 (near 1,000.)

Ankylodicurus is not crappy. She’s rather good. It’s just her armour that impacts you with that reason.

It’s a good Moveset, but it gained nothing from ankylocodon. I think if it got Defense Shattering Impact instead of Resilient Impact and replace Superiority Rampage for Resilient rampage, it would allow for a better Sarcorixis counter and give it something from Ankylocodon while also now having a reason for that 50% distraction resistance. Maybe 100% decel immunity, but it already has speed control and 50% resistance, so it’s not as critical.