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Why did they change 12 of the characters?

So for real. I was playing just last year from October to December and well just recently I replaced my phone (because my screen was broken) and apparently my stay didn’t save. Big deal whatever I can start over who cares about that. But I am matching with characters I didn’t match with before ok cool. This make it more exciting. But they have stories from other characters from the previous game I was playing. What is up with that? Here is the list of different characters. If someone has an answer that would be super cool.

The neko gamer girl (can’t remember her name)
The Camgirl (again can’t remember her name)
And the body painter guy (can’t remember his name)
English major red head girl(can’t remember her name)
I have pictures of someof them if needed.

Name of the new characters in same order as above

Aesha Nora
Daniel Anderson
Jade Adisa
Dominic Wright
Jonathan Hayes
Seth Evans
Charlie Nyygard
Antione Dawson
Wyatt Moore
Calum Keys
Grace Kim

Hey there, @Cassirena_Bailey1, I’m sorry if this had you confused! I know I’d be doing double-takes if I were in your position…

Now, to clear up some of that confusion: there are definitely Counterparts in the game. These were included in order to give players the ability to find a match based both on their profile as well as their appearance.

You can find a list of all the Counterparts here: Which character have a story developed right now?

Hope this helps!