Ludia know the Birds Are stupid and worthless but they still make them in Strike incubator…

The majority of them may feel worthless now, but in the future you may get a hybrid and wish you had got loads of dna originally.


But now is now and Not Future! They just want to Slow us so much…they just try to scam us our money on a hardcore kind of way…

how much did you pay to participate in that strike vent?

ask for a refund from support@ludia.com

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Maybe you should just stick to Candy Crush.

Maybe a future hybrid but who is to say a good one.

It would be better to mix things up. Same same is lame. There are 10 sets.

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i hate the strike aswell. when i saw it i almost threw up tbh. ill throw my trex in there he will have a feast.

Excatly and if these are not worth @Dave86 's time then there is no need to complete these free strikes

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Lesson learnt; never complain. Always be grateful. Comments are not welcome

is there no grey area in your life, fsufian?

things are either hot or cold, black or white?

dave is 100% free to not like the birds in the strike event, but to imply his money has somehow been taken from him because of his preference is factually incorrect.

comments are welcome, there’s no prerequisite for gratefulness, but the truth is not subjective.


My life is none of our problem.