Dont think it was a bot because I beat a bot before facing this guy so dont think you can have 2 bots back to back


Most of the Lv30 dinos you face are bots. If you check the leaderboards, no one has a Lv30 dino yet. They got I-raptors though.


Well here’s the thing about that. The leader boards only show like 4200-5000 so this guy could be below that range but I still think it’s cheap, it took 2 dinos before I killed 1 and then one shoted my raptor so yeah


It’s the only example though.


its a bot. if you lose 2x in a row to anything you will ONLY fight bots until you win.


Like a said I won before I faced this guy


Doesn’t matter in Arena 7. Because there’s not many players there, you’re gonna face bots. Otherwise, you’d be sitting there for an endless 2mins over and over.


look at the dinosaurus. if they are high level good dinos like legendary/unique they are people. if they are dinosaurus that no one would want on their team like parasaurolophus, they are bots


That parasaurolophus recks lol


At level 30 I should hope so!


I feel your pain, I was shot down about 6 battles in a row with this same problem last night… I gave up and went to bed… Nearly dropped me out of Level 7… I find if I’m just battling for coins (ie all incubator slots are full) I get this sort of mismatch. If playing for incubator slot I get a more even match. But that could just be coincidence.


it is a bot


Saw the first screenshot, and just thought of jurassic park III. gg Trex

Every now and then I’d get insane level bots. Just gotta pull through and beat that botting cycle.


I feel your pain. Lost half my squad to a lvl 17 Einiasuchus. Thought id have a chance, when guess what? The next dino that came out was lvl 8 utah. I lost a bit of my soul when that happened :cry: