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Wi Fi Issue

Hi ludia since the latest update ive come across a wi fi issue, when going into the jwa app its fine for abit, then after a while when i click battle again, the timer will go all the way down to 0 and nothing will happen then i have to press cancel and ill see a loading circle which never stops spinning then i cant do anything on the game and ill get no connection warnings, so the only way to fix it temporarily is to go to my wi fi settings and turn it off for a few seconds then back on and the jwa app works again for a while till the loading circle comes back etc etc, i know its just the jwa app having wi fi issues because everything else on my iphone works fine like facebook, google etc etc at the same time im seeing no connection warnings on jwa app.

I don’t know if it helps but the game doesn’t like the transition from Wi-Fi to normal or vice versa. When this happens I leave the app running but shut the screen down and then back on again. Usually this lets it reconnect with only a short delay.


ill try it out thanks :wink: