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Wich are the bests dinos in the game on battles?

For you wich are the 10 strongest dinos in the game ? You can make a top8 or other thing if you want

Gemini, Maxima, Indoraptor G2, actually what am I doing? Just list the Tyrants.
Although from Apex Indom G2 is really good.

For me not all tyrants dinos are in my top10 like Yoshi and Grypo, Indom g2 is good I like it

indo g2

just my top 8.


Alloraptor ? I’m surprise to see this guy but I don’t mean he’s bad I’m glad to see it. For Spinoconstrictor he’s hard to say if it’s good because no one have it thank to Ludia lol

allorap does just enough damage with Pounce and RT to take out an equal level maxima, while only taking 1 hit. That and just how well she deals with almost all tanks has me put her on my list.

as for spinoconstrictor, i like snakes and it’s move set leads me to believe it is an indo g2 counter.

tho not the best two for every 1v1 matchup, they do well (or are predicted to do well) against some of the top tyrants.

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Gemini, Maxima -> Stats STATS!!!
Tryko, Dio -> Multi tools.
Erlidom, Orion -> Fast as heck boys.
Nemys, Grypo -> insanely good in some situations, still good in most other situations.

My top8. Sadly my nemys and grypo are to low for team level.


If you like fast dinos try to use Phorus, for me is at least top5
Also you are the only guy who didn’t put Indog2 congrats !

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Thanks for the reminder. Phrous is on my watch list. But i have to wait till it got his unique hybrid.
I like it all green on my team and i dont want to overlevel epic or legendarys.

To indo g2:
It is strong no doubts. But the only reason for this is CS. I also hate RNG (dodge).

I try to get ride of RNG in my team. Erlidom’s Clock is rarely used and Sidestep is 100% now.

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Magna also deserves mention