Wich is better?

Hello everyone and welcome

On this topic I’ll take 2 creatures and we’ll see wich of them are the best one by a poll (you can argue)

Every week I’ll replace these 2 creatures by 2 others so don’t take a month to vote or respond

Today this 2 creatures are :


So wich of them are the best one ?

  • Quetzorion
  • Procerathomimus
  • Tie
  • Boost is the best dino

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Edit : I’ll may give some points on the creatures who win the debate, that makes a leaderboard about the creatures and we can see the top position on any dino on the end of this topic

I voted for TanyBeak because its basically a giant chicken dinosaur, and so very appealing. Yoshi looks cool but i dont like dinosaurs that harm arena balance so cannot support it.

But honestly, yes “Boosts are the best dino!” by far =D


Honestly mate you have to come with terms that

Epic hybrid > Unique super hybrid

It’s just how ludia wants it now; ya know so both new players and veterans can get an easy to make hybrid that basically rules the arena…
…She still haunts us from the grave


Yeah true, they are also the ones who said dino strength is based on how hard it’s to create, and then proceed to let a rodent common legendary become THE apex of arena lol

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Mean while on the other side is the vast spectrum of OPness is Gemini but that’s for another topic: literally

Although I feel the spirit of the rat and draco gen2 were combined into proRAT in 1.9 which is why it’s so op now it lives off hate

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Technically Procerathomimus is probably better since you can unlock it really early on, then keep it into relatively late-game.
It also counters some important creatures better.

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I voted pro because all you have to do with quetz is keep superiority strike and they keep sidestep and they are always slower. Pro can evade and not be slowed.

What do you mean by “W(h)ich is better”. Which one would win head to head, which one is better again more opponents,…?

Orion all day, every day.

Can’t count how many time the swap+sidestep have changed the tide on my matches against overboosted opponents.
Seriously, that thing is THE underdog.


Quetz. Chomps through armour, great attack and can dodge guaranteed as well as speed up.

Procera, on the other hand, has a 2 turn cooldown on the rampage, which hurts it. Let’s also be honest - there’s a very high chance it will get nerfed soon.

I mean wich one is better in this meta in general, who between Orion and Prorat is the strongest on this meta for you and take over

At least in this comparison the stupid chicken loses to a hard to make unique. As things should be


I’m not sure if everyone understand

This topic faced 2 creatures are the best one to use on this meta but not who win if they battle both, for example if it’s Tryko and Maxima you should choose wich of them is the strongest on this meta not the one who beat the other candidate

Sorry to repeat but I want to made this clear for everyone

Orion, being able to speed-up in this boosts meta is better, period.

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And I will clarify that I wrote

not because Quetz wins the duel (he doesn’t) but because he wins the comparison (he’s a better creature at all)

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Both Are Good In Their Respective Key Moment With Procerathmimus Being If A Dino Can One Shot Because Its Attack Stat Is Boosted You Can Nullify Then Lower Its Attack And Quetzorion I Dont Have And So I Dont Really Know

The leaderboard system :

The winner in a poll will gain 2 points
The looser gain nothing
If the 2 creatures have the same number votes so they gain each 1 point

This leaderboard can make a list about the strongest and weakest creatures with this point system

If you have other ideas with the leaderboard don’t hesitate to share :wink:

Oh and about the creatures tomorrow 2 new guys’ll enter on this topic

Can you guess who they are ?


Pretty fast, can stun and they are immune to stun

Wich is better? A post with correct spelling would be a good start.

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Of course I voted for my beloved Christmas Ostrich. :yum::yum::yum:

Edit: I’m not going off stats or movesets or anything. Just favoritism. lol