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Wickedly bad good idea

So, hear me out, crazy evil genius idea here. I take my lvl 26-30 dinos and drop down to the marshes. I then pillage the defenseless townspeople, make love to their chickens, and open all the incubators my heart desires… especially… 15 min incubators… sorry townspeople, i need boost profits. #isaiditfirst


You know you would still need to spend HC to speed up your other incubators to make slots for those 15 min incubators. But hey, if you want to spend hundreds of HC for 1/1/1 boosts, more power to you.

I have 6 free speed up videos every 24 hrs and hard cash that i don’t use. For anyone thats free to play that has nothing to do with the cash this is a fine idea. It wont be hundreds lol. And if it is i would rather spend hundreds on farming all i want vs spending hundreds on 25. Plus its easy incubators, and easy daily battle incubators. I don’t care about trophies at this point.

Tell you what. I spend more than 1,500 hard cash on opening 25 15 min incubators (because 25 15 min incubators in 1 week is worth the same as buying 3 of the +25 stats at 500 a pop) then i will eat crow and concede to my foolish notion. Im telling you right now that there is 0 chance of that happening though.

Wish I could remember exactly what the cost to quickly open the different incubators was. I want to say it was something like 84 for an 8-hour and 9 for a 3-hour.

Let’s just use those numbers…

To get to a 15-min incubator, you have to open three 3-hour and one 8-hour. That’s 3x9 + 84 = 111. Now let’s discount it a bit for the speed up videos and just round it off to 100.

So every 100 hard cash spent speeding up incubators, you can open a 15-min incubator and get 3 stat boosts.

Spend 500 and get 3x5 = 15 stat boosts. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound so good.

Oh, wait, every fifth time through you get a 12-hour or 24-hour that costs even more.

That doesn’t sound so appealing.

You dont need to spend the money on 15 min. They are talking about the 3 hour, 8 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour ones that will fill up your 4. How many do you think you’ll have to speed up to get 25 15 min? Even if you get 1 out of 5 15 min, that’s 125 incubators you get, 25 15 min. 100 you have to pay to speed up. You can just let 1 run while you sleep and let 4 run while the day goes sure. So 5 of 100 you dont pay for and 95 you do. Let’s say with the videos and staying on it you only have to pay for 75 of the 125 (meaning you waited out or sped up the other 50). How much you think you will pay to speed up 75 incubators, when at least 1/3 or more will be 8 hour or higher?

And its 30 per 3 hr 80 per 8 hour. So looks like 10 an hour

Actually your math is way off. Its 180 hc to open 3 3 hr incs and 1 8 hr inc. With 1.5 hours taken off that reduces 1 3 hr video by 15 hc so 165 hc to open 1 15 min incubator. Which means for 25 of each stat will cost you over 4k hc. Which means this idea is extremely preposterous but i live my life 1 drunk step at a time and wanna make love to chickens lol. Why y’all gotta ruin my joke, the first person i can facade and try to keep it going but then you other people show up with maths and stuff. Why can’t i have fun?! Why can’t i make love to the townspeoples chickens?! WHY STONECUTTER WHY?!


Like I said… I couldn’t remember the exact amount. So just went by memory.

Lol I’m glad you brought this up because I like doing the math. I was hoping for a min there

Thats not counting 12 and 24 hr incs which are way worse.
You still killed my joke.

It’s what I do.


Honestly… if they had added more then 1/1/1 to the 15 minute incubator… buying hard cash to speed incubators is sonething i would have been fine doing… sure you get more coins buying coins and you get more boosts buying boosts. But speeding incs gives you more arena exclusive dna plus coins and boosts.

With just 1/1/1 the boost part of the equation falls flat though.

Now I just need to open a hundred 15-minute incubators to boost 3 tiers! :rofl:

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Dont judge me with your beady judgy seagull eyes.



I LOVE IT lmao