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Wieard thing in arena.Cheat or bug?


So I was fighting this guy and we were at the last dinosaur both.I had my armagocephalus at around 500 and he had monolophosaur at arround 250.I did not want to risk it(had 1st move)And used invincibility.And surprise…after he hit my counter attack show 0… I was like wtf.The he hit me again … almost died… survived with 40 HP. AND …yea guess what my impact did 0 damage again…Am I missing something here?


Neither, mono’s two distracting moves stacked.


Yeah, it’s pretty freaky the first time you encounter that in the arena, but it’s definitely no bug.

When an opponent (Monolophosaurus) uses Distracting Rampage, your attack decreases 50%.

Then, if in the next turn Monolophosaurus uses Distracting Strike (or vice versa), your half-as-powerful attack is reduced to zero. The best counters include creatures with immunity or cleansing moves.


Not a bug, just math.