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Wierd new maxima glitch?

So I was fighting a big maxima and not doing very good then the screen turned pink??? And I was back on the map. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not unhappy about it cuz otherwise I would have lost but it was kinda wierd.

Maxima is so OP now that she can break the opponent’s phone


That’s a glitch that’s been happening since 1.14, it spiked when 2.0 came out but it has nothing to do with maxima


My weird glitch with Maxima is that of 20 battles, it was only selected once on my team. Since its my highest LV dino, I have had to remove it because its only serving to increase my opponents I match against and never being selected.

I tried moving it around in my lineup (though I have no evidence that actually does anything) and found it hilarious that as soon as I moved it out and put nemy in its place, I got nemy 3 times in a row.

Something I’ve noticed pretty consistently is that when I add a new creature to my team, I almost immediately start facing opponents that use it more often.

Pretty neat coincidence.

Also, this is probably just the usual RNG shenanigans, but Evasive Stance still feels like 75% to me. Since the start of 2.0, I’ve only had the opponent fail to dodge 2 times, and I face an opponent that uses it like every other match.

Windows has bsod, I guess this is jwa’s version psod :joy:

That comment made my day, thank you :rofl:

I meant that I got nemy on my team 3 times in a row after putting it in the same spot maxima had been and never had it on my team. Like the game did not want me to have max on my team. For me on attacking into evasive stance, I seem to attack through more than not. But in many moments when it really matters, it does seem like maybe it goes in their favor.

I think this happened with an epic incubator but you still got the reward for it lol