Wife and I looking for alliance

Lvl 11 and 12
Both have a couple legendary and around 2000 trophies. We are highly active players getting the most things done in rewards.


JWA Suriname, 5/4, strategic, we have a chat on Messenger, we are friendly, informative and have fun with each other. We are not specifically looking for L20’s as lower levels may be more eager! And we love it when couples or friends join us as they will play together. We are cleaning up and we will have spots open on Monday/Tuesday. We’d love to have you. Are you willing to wait until then? In the meantime, pls give me your player names and suffix (#0000), so I can send you both an invite.


Dank Bank will be opening a few spaces on Monday. Chill group. Regularly reach 4/4 or 4/3. We don’t organize or strategize. But we get it done!

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Hi! I created an alliance but am having trouble finding/ keeping people since it’s new and would love to join yours instead of running mine. I’m lvl 10- super close to lvl 11 and am pretty active. My user name is LilyThe Flower #6857

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OK, as soon as spots are free I’ll send you an invite (tomorrow).

Lily are you still interested? We’ll have spots open BEFORE the new week starts, which means you will get the 5/4 rewards when you join in time. One thing: don’t claim then immediately, we have a strategy. They can be claimed on Tuesday.

Hi Lily, are you still interested? Since you are level10-11, may I ask what dino’s you have in your team? We have a rule that players have at least 2 legendaries, you see. Or have 2000 trophies.

I’d like to join…I’ll work on getting the required trophys…just started…am hungry.

Don’t have free spots at the moment, sorry. Perhaps later?

Sure! Keep me in mind!