Wifi gamer only


I am an avid user of Jurassic world live but I am only able to use and experience the game through wifi at this time. My first point is that I have noticed that the map jumps very quickly at times, I’m guessing because of the wifi signals origins. Sometimes so fast it tells me that I can’t play while driving.
My next point is that because I am only able to use the program through wifi I do not have a lot of opportunity to retrieve dinosaur DNA unless they pop up exactly where I am producing my location and perimeter. So this puts me at a disadvantage from most. It also forces my inability to participate and compatitions and prevents me from receiving drop resources as I am never close enough.


The game was designed to be played outside though. Get a portable wifi device that will allow you to play outside. Nobody can play the game’s full features (legit) from home, we’re all in the same boat.


The map jumps because of gps signal not because of WiFi, gps is accurate up to 10m I think that’s why most ppl show as livening in next doors garden lol :+1:t3: As for WiFi 80% I use home and the other I have 1g a month on my phone if u use it wisely you can get to the next month :+1:t3:


this game was not made to be played only on wifi, I recommend finding a different game until you are able to get a service plan.


I remember when I was a WiFi Pokémon Go player, it was painful, and I’m sorry you have to go through it too.


Until I get my mobile topped up, I’m stuck having to hop from Wi-Fi spot to Wi-Fi spot. I miss having a mobile data connection…


I know your pain… this is a slog and a half.