Wild Brachiosaurus!


Finally :slight_smile:


I’m still watching and waiting…


I finally saw one in the wild last night and walked down the street around midnight to get it. I rarely leave my place just to grab a dino real quick anymore, unless it’s a T-rex. This nearly had me running down the street though because I knew I could get enough DNA to finally create it.


Got one on my way home tonight also, and able to unlock mine!


Saw one yesterday (a small park/garden in the residential area) and another one today (supermarket parking lot that’s about 150m away) around the same time of the night.


Saw one tonight, jumped in the car but he took off before I got there:(


Managed to see my first on the night of the update, then a second one the following night. I was able to collect enough DNA to level mine up. :grin:


Already seen three bracchios. It is almost 15lvl. Waiting to get hybrid sooner rather than later




I’ve yet to see one. I see Giraffatitan every now and again so I’m keeping my eyes peeled.


It is global night/ dawn/ dusk spawn. So you cant find her at day time


I saw/got one this morning at around 730 am. Not sure how accurate the night/dusk thing is then?