Wild carnotaurus!


Just saw this guy today!


I found two in one spot! I don’t know they seem to have released a whole bunch of dinos into the wild today. I found Echo and Charlie and at least 5 Dracorex. And there were a lot of Amargasaurus today.


Yea Same I found a lot of amargasaur


I found 3 carnotaurus, 3 dracrorex, dracorex gen 2, and delta yesterday. So far today I found 2 dracorex, echo, and 1 amaragasaurus… they are literally spawning everywhere now lol


Yea amarga and dracorex are spawning like crazy.


Amarga, dracorex, allos, suchomimus… all spawning like crazy today here. Passed by the park and my GPS spazzed out, causing me to not be able to grab the event spinner.

Where is Carnotaur spawning? Is it close to restaurants typically, or is it appearing in parks?


On my way to picking up some sinoceratops now :grin: Lots of rares popping up today.

All the carnotaurus I’ve found are around my neighborhood


I’m not really sure maybe where euphocephallus are spawning.