Wild Charlie Appeared


Guys, you don’t need to ask anymore if the Event Dinos are coming back or not! They’re out in the wild now, look!

This confirms that Event Dinos are indeed on the loose! Holy crap that means Indoraptor’s…lock your doors people!

Charlie, Delta and Echo in the wild
Wild Dracorex & Echo nearby home
Charlie and Echo Are in Wild
Found Echo
Rare velociraptor found in wild

Dracorex too. I expect we’ll be seeing a bunch of new faces in the wild outside of events after the update that just hit.


It’s amazing how low the spawn rates are, but I understand why. But sometimes, it gets on my nerves.


I’ve seen Delta also


I ran into Charlie and echo in 30 minutes


Hopefully Blue is included mines stuck at lvl 14. :confused:


1 hour ago i was outside for catching the dino of the day. First i need to say I like the concept from 2 days but you always see 1 dino of the day and not 2 under the green supply drop so you can choice who to shoot :confused: (in citys with not much special drops is this a problem). But my topic is about that i saw Charlie in wild when i was catching the Irritator :slight_smile: so maybe more people will see the raptor squad in the wild… Good luck with hunting!



Omg!!! I just found ECHO!!!


If there are more than one grren supply drop in the park, then you hopefully will see all the two dinos there. Just went home after a hunting session and it is like I told but no screen because I am reading this post just now :sweat_smile:


Has anyone seen blue in the wild?


“That’s when the attack comes, not from the front, but from the sides. The other two raptors, you didn’t even know were there.”


Just came back from my late night hunt (9 PM - 11 PM).

Some impressions:


just caught echo :slight_smile: but dying to level up delta more


Damn, there’s another Delta on my radar, but I just came home … well, she should be there for a while, because she just spawned. So I might walk these few meters later.

Actually only wanted to do a late night hunt for some Raptors and my Irritator tries. But then this Update came and yeah, was awesome.


I’m sure she is, but don’t forget, she’s an Epic.


I just happened to encounter Delta in the wild. I really hope we will be abled to see Charlie, Echo and maybe even Blue as well :slight_smile:


(Carefully takes aim at the raptor in front, getting the drone together. About to launch the drone, when another raptor appears out of nowhere on the side.)

Clever girl.

(Gets eaten.)


It’s already night where you are? You’re brave for doing night hunts. I wouldn’t be able to around here; no safe to walk and too much potential dangers.


Yeah, it’s 11:30 PM here now … and I have to go and get the 2nd Delta now or it will despawn. Want it to get mine to LV 13.

But it’s not that dangerous here in Germany. And late night is absolutely my time, usually worked night shifts years ago or went out for little walks when I had no work. I don’t like the heat and too much sun at day … so I’m kinda like those Raptors. :grin:


Well there goes my sleep tonight, going make these things overdose from dart shots.